The Waterboy

Former Northwestern linebacker The Waterboy has been sharing his insightful and amusing commentary about NU football for nearly 20 years, first on, then on this site.  Click here to see the Waterboy commentary archive.

Far East Wildcat

Far East Wildcat is an NU graduate from the 1970s who hosted his own Wildcat fan site from 1998 to 2005. During the 2018 season, FEW has been posting to HTP his thoughts about his final season...

The Lowes Line

It began in 1996 as a broadcast e-mail analysis and prediction of NU's next game. Since 2002 it has also been posted onto  Click here for the Lowes Line archive.

Kevin Vedder

Kevin began providing additional commentary for HTP in 2012, including this bowl commentary.  Kevin was also featured in a recent Chicago Tribune article about NU's bowl win drought.

Kevin co-manages the HTP Twitter feed.

Brian McGuire

Northwestern fan Brian McGuire shared his views on the 2016 season with readers with an occasional column. Click here to see a list of Brian's NU football articles.


NU fan "Sunburnt" provides occasional commentary, including this preview of the 2012 Illinois game...


Calling jhodges a "guest" on may be a bit of a misnomer: from 2008 through 2012 Jonathan Hodges was the primary content provider for the site.

From 2004 until 2007 jhodges hosted his own Weblog featuring NU football analysis and commentary.  In July 2007 jhodges began posting his commentary here.  Click here for the jhodges main page.

Greg Smith

Alumnus Greg Smith provided this personal view of his experience at the 2014 win over Notre Dame...


Rabid NU football fan and journalist NationalChampionsSomeday posted this diary of his 2003 road trip to Ohio State, and followed it with descriptions of the 2004 Michigan and Ohio State games.

George Beres: One Man's View...

George Beres, the former Sports Information Director for NU and the University of Oregon, is a graduate of Medill and had ties to NU's athletic department spanning the fifties, sixties and seventies.  Click here for a listing of his columns, posted on, that address NU history, Beres' experiences as SID, and the state of collegiate athletics.