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'Cats Will Look to Return
to Postseason in 2014;
B1G Will Debut New Bowl Lineup

The 'Cats will attempt to return to the postseason in '14.  When they do, it will be with a new bowl lineup.

The Big Ten unveiled last summer its new bowl arrangements, including 11 different bowl games that will rotate to fill nine spots per year.  Nine landing places for the conference is a record for the B1G.

The first three bowls with B1G selection opportunities are unchanged from recent seasons: the Rose, Capital One, and Outback Bowls will pick in order.  However, the Wings / Gator pairing at the #4/#5 spots has been eliminated.  The Holiday Bowl will be #4.

Who will be #5?  Well, 2014 will begin a new selection process as well for the B1G.  The Gator and the Music City Bowls could pick fifth, depending on available matchups.  The B1G will rotate between these bowls.  The #6 bowl will also rotate, between the Heart of Dallas or the Armed Forces Bowl.

The #7 conference selection will not rotate: the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium will get that bubble team.

If there is an eighth eligible team in the conference, it will go to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco.

In those years when the mediocrity of the conference trickles down to a ninth eligible team, that team will find itself in Detroit, in December, in a Delightful bowl game at Ford Field.  Not the Motor City Bowl, not the Pizza Pizza Bowl, it is the Bowl That Must Not Be Named-- for now.

We'll have more on each bowl, a little more detail about the selection process, and the first look at NU's chances for each later in 2014.