About HailToPurple.com


HailToPurple.com is my personal homepage: a completely independent, private Northwestern football fan site, biased, unyielding to reason, gloriously dimmed through purple-shaded glasses and bloated from grape Kool-Aid.  NU has a wonderfully expressive fan base; this site hopes to remain one more voice screaming in that din.  The focus of the site is NU Wildcat football history, trivia, and fan commentary.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know by e-mailing GoUPurple@aol.com.

Site History and Affiliates
  • July 12, 2000: GoUPurple Site begins
  • February 10, 2002: Site URL changes to http://HailToPurple.com
  • January 2006: HailToPurple.com shifts to a less-regularly updated format.  The Trivia Question of the Week has been retired, as have most of the Website's ongoing features.
In addition to this website, HailToPurple.com also maintains a Twitter feed.


Many people (some who identify themselves with their real names; others use their Internet nicknames) have provided key contributions to the content of HailToPurple.com.  I'd like to express my sincere thanks to each of them for the information, stories, and images that they have shared:

  • In addition to his work on the Lowes Line, Keven Vedder provided occasional commentary on HTP, and he co-managed the HTP Twitter feed.
  • Jonathan Hodges ran his own blog from 2004 until mid-2007.  From July 2007 through November 2012 he was a primary content provider for this site.
  • A staple on FarEastWildcat.com for several years, The Waterboy began posting his commentary to this site in the fall of 2005.
  • Alaskanwildcat has contributed many wonderful original game photos since 2005.  Before that, Zoo Cat and Conrad Cat provided the bulk of this site's original game photos and videos.  Other valuable original images have come from BeaverCat, Far East Wildcat, and others.
  • George Beres, former NU Sports Information Director, contributed a series of articles to the site, some published only on HailToPurple.com.  Thanks to Mr. Beres for his generosity and contributions.
  • NationalChampionsSomeday contributed several diary-style articles describing his exploits on the road and visits to Ohio State and Michigan.
  • Published during the season, the Lowes Line game predictions are articles written by the Lowes Line Staff, including Jersey Cat, GallopingGrapes, Eric Cockerill, Joel Kanvik, Charlie Simon, and Brian Ullery.
  • A host of readers contributed questions for the Trivia Question of the Week.

Site Advertising, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy

There is absolutely no third-party commercial advertising on this site whatsoever (not even for Dunkin' Donuts.  Dunkin' Donuts.  Mmmmm.  Donuts.  Doesn't that sound like a good idea right about now?  A fresh, delicious Dunkin' Donut?).  This site is purely a personal fan page, with no financial support or motive.

With the exception of text cited as a quote and photo and graphic images taken from other sources and marked as such, all content on this site is copyright ©2000-2023 HailToPurple.com / L.D. LaTourette.

I hold a B.A. from the (now Weinberg) College of Arts and Sciences and an M.A. from the Graduate School.  I have been attending NU football games since 1988, and I have been a season ticket holder since 1996.  Neither my site nor I have any affiliation or official connection to the NU athletic department, and my opinions and views do not in any way represent the athletic department.  If you read through this Web site and thought otherwise, your acumen is gravely suspect.

If you e-mail me with comments, I may publish to this site your remarks, unless you tell me that the information in your e-mail is not for public consumption, in which case I will honor your request and keep such correspondence confidential.  I will in any event not use your name unless you request I do so.

While most of this site is posted using a standard Arial font, the site logo and some of its banner text are printed using Peignot (or Peinaud).  This was the font Northwestern used for its football programs when I was an undergrad.

The predominant color used for the graphics and layout for HailToPurple.com is "GoU"Purple (color hex code 6c0082), which is slightly lighter than the university's official shade of purple (hex code: 520063).  Both are "bluer" than the shade NU uses for its official sports Website, nusports.com (hex code: 660066).