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Part 9: 1959 through 1963
Posted 8/19/12; Updated 11/26/13

NU continued to produce original cover art after 1958.  Instead of Lew Merrell's football-shaped cropped photo art, the 1959 programs introduced comic drawings by C. Fraser.  NU used the comic style for five seasons, before returning in 1964 to covers that featured photographs.

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Sept. 26, 1959
In addition to the new cover art, the 1959 season brought a 15-cent price hike to the programs.

Oct. 10, 1959

Oct. 31, 1959

Nov. 7, 1959

Oct. 1, 1960

Oct. 22, 1960
Notre Dame
Fraser began using the standard Willie comic image, in addition to his own wildcat character that he introduced in 1959.

Nov. 12, 1960
Michigan State

Nov. 10, 1960
A brief return to Fraser's wildcat.

Sept. 30, 1961
Boston College

Oct. 14, 1961

Oct. 21, 1961
Ohio State

Nov. 4, 1961
Indiana - Classic Cover

An image that breaks ranks with the 1959 - 1963 Fraser covers (no Wildcat; no fighting with the opposing mascot), but it has a lot of fun elements: a crowd outside of Dyche, nostalgia, and a lot of pipe smoke.  It is among the CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 11, 1961

Sept. 22, 1962
South Carolina
Fraser apparently really liked the idea of Willie beheading a feathered foe.

Oct. 6, 1962

Oct. 27, 1962
Notre Dame - Classic Cover

Program for NU's only homecoming game against a non-Big Ten opponent (this game also holds the Dyche / Ryan attendance record and gave NU a #1 ranking).  The cover itself epitomizes the 1959 - 1963 style and ranks as one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 17, 1962
Michigan State

Sept. 28, 1963

Oct. 12, 1963
Minnesota - Classic Cover

Another very creative comic cover from 1959 - 1963.  The look of fear on the Minnesota player's face is priceless.  The program is the 16th of the CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Oct. 19, 1963
Miami (Ohio)

Oct. 26, 1963
Michigan State

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