Northwestern Home Game Programs Gallery

Part 10: 1964 through 1969
Posted 6/10/12; Updated 11/26/13

As NU football switched from Coach Parseghian to Coach Agase in 1964, the program style changed as well, moving away from comic drawings and to photos of campus landmarks (a style popular at the time for college football programs).

The style would last until 1969, when NU used staged photos of players in game situations.  NU returned to a comic illustration for the final 1969 home game, then switched styles again in 1970.

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Sept. 19, 1964
Oregon State
First program to feature the "campus scene photo" style, used for the next five seasons (shown: Alice Millar Chapel).

Oct. 3, 1964
(shown: one of the best-ever overhead shots of Dyche Stadium)

Oct. 17, 1964
Miami, Ohio
(shown: Band Day festivities at Dyche Stadium)

Nov. 7, 1964
(shown: University Hall)

Sept. 18, 1965
(shown: University Hall)

Oct. 9, 1965
Oregon State
(shown: Band Day festivities at Dyche Stadium)

Oct. 16, 1965
(shown: front of Tech)

Oct. 23, 1965
(shown: sororities, from University Place)

Nov. 13, 1965
(shown: the lakefill, under construction)

Nov. 20, 1965
(shown: Deering Library)

Sept. 24, 1966
(shown: Band Day festivities at Dyche Stadium)

Oct. 1, 1966
Notre Dame
(shown: Scott Hall)

October 29, 1966
Michigan State
(shown: Harris Hall)

Nov. 5, 1966
(shown: "New" Patten Gym)

Nov. 19, 1966
(shown: Kresge Hall)

Sept. 23, 1967
Miami, FL
(shown: Band Day festivities at Dyche Stadium)

Sept. 30, 1967
(shown: south quads)

Oct. 21, 1967
Ohio State
(shown: recently dedicated Lindheimer Observatory.  Lindheimer was torn down in 1995.)

Nov. 11, 1967
(shown: early plan for the Hogan Building)

Nov. 18, 1967
(shown: Lutkin Hall)

Sept. 28, 1968
(shown: res. quads)

Oct. 5, 1968
(shown: Annie May Swift Hall)

Oct. 26, 1968
(shown: Dyche Stadium)

Nov. 2, 1968
(shown: University Hall)

Nov. 23, 1968
Michigan State
(shown: Old College.  Old College was torn down in 1973.)

Oct. 4, 1969
For the 1969 season, NU changed its program cover style to staged shots of football game action.

Oct. 18, 1969
Wisconsin - Classic Cover

The second of the 1969 staged shots covers featured this great first down debate image.  It is the seventeenth of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 1, 1969
Ohio State

Nov. 15, 1969
The coin is a commemorative coin celebrating the 100th anniversary of college football.

Nov. 22, 1969
Michigan State
The final home program in 1969 broke from the photo style, offering up an original drawing for the first time since 1963.

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