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Part 7: 1950 through 1952
Posted 6/24/12; Updated 8/5/12

Northwestern had been using mostly generic, syndicated artwork for its covers in the late 1940s.  By 1950, the school began using NU-specific artwork again.  While the covers from 1950 through 1952 did feature artwork done specifically for Northwestern, most of it was recycled from the few periods in the 1940s when NU was making its own program covers.  The rehashed artwork left this period mostly forgettable for its program cover art.  There were, however, a few notable exceptions, particularly in 1952.

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Sept. 30, 1950
Iowa State
Taken from a 1945 program.
Note the seal in the top left, celebrating the upcoming NU centennial.

Oct. 14, 1950
A reprint of a 1944 program.

Oct. 21, 1950
Features Otto Graham in the "U."

Nov. 4, 1950
Ohio State
The drawing is based on the concept from the 1930 Wisconsin program cover.

Nov. 25, 1950
A reprint of a 1946 cover.

Sept. 29, 1951

Oct. 6, 1951

Oct. 20, 1951

Oct. 27, 1951
A reprint of a 1945 cover.  Strangely, not all of the programs printed for this game had the Wisconsin mascot stamp on the cover.  This example does.

Nov. 10, 1951
A reprint of a 1946 cover.

Nov. 24, 1951
Reprint of a 1945 cover.

Oct. 4, 1952
Original cover.

Oct. 18, 1952
Reprint of a 1945 cover.

Oct. 25, 1952
Reprint of the classic 1946 cover.

Nov. 1, 1952
Ohio State
Original artwork in quintessential '50s style.

Nov. 15, 1952
Iowa - Classic Cover

Predating a cartoon style that would become the standard for NU in 1959, this drawing of battling mascots is wonderfully whimsical and qualifies as one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

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