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Part 5: 1941 through 1945
Posted 8/5/12; Updated 8/30/15

As the country struggled out of the Depression and began to gear up for war, NU continued to use mostly syndicated artwork for its program covers.   The generic covers were similar to the Norman Rockwell style employed at the time by the Saturday Evening Post.

Once the US entered World War II, the school began using original artwork, but recycled it for much of 1942 through 1944.

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Oct. 4, 1941
Kansas State

Oct. 11, 1941

Oct. 8, 1941

Nov. 8, 1941

Nov. 15, 1941
Notre Dame

Nov. 22, 1941
Illinois - Classic Cover

The only original cover artwork for the '41 home season, this drawing by Lew Merrell incorporated the Wildcat, Chief, and the visiting team's colors in a memorable image.  It is the ninth of the CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Sept. 26, 1942
Iowa Pre-Flight Naval School
Another original cover under Merrell's art direction.

Oct. 3, 1942

Oct. 10, 1942

Oct. 24, 1942
Ohio State

Nov. 7, 1942
Syndicated cover, with a customized center photo.

Nov. 14, 1942

Nov. 26, 1942 (Thanksgiving Day)
Great Lakes
A fantastic original cover, the first of three original images for NU's Great Lakes games during World War II.

Sept. 25, 1943
The first of several uses of this cover art.  For much of the next three seasons, NU would recycle several patriotic images for its covers.

Oct. 2, 1943

Oct. 16, 1943
Great Lakes

Oct. 30, 1943
Repeat of the Sept. 25, 1943 image.

Nov. 13, 1943
Notre Dame
Repeat of the Oct. 2, 1943 cover.

Nov. 20, 1943
Repeat of the Oct. 16, 1943 cover.

Sept. 22, 1944
For its first home game in 1944, NU used a very simple four-page newsprint program.

Sept. 30, 1944
A rare original drawing, featuring one of the earliest (if not the very first) cover depictions of the Willie the Wildcat comic character.

Oct. 7, 1944
Great Lakes

Oct. 21, 1944

Nov. 11, 1944
A repeat of the Oct. 7, 1944 Great Lakes cover, which is a little odd because of the naval insignia in the background.

Nov. 25, 1944
Repeat of the Oct. 21, 1944 cover.

Sept. 22, 1945
Iowa State
NU would repeat this cover for the 1950 Iowa State game.

Sept. 29, 1945
A slightly re-worked repeat of the 1934 Ohio State cover.

Oct. 6, 1945
Original image.  NU would repeat this cover in 1952.

Oct. 27, 1945


Nov. 17, 1945
Notre Dame
The Willie comic character is now fully realized.

Nov. 24, 1945

Bonus Cover

While not an NU home game, this August 30, 1944 game between the College All-Stars and the Chicago Bears was hosted at Dyche Stadium.

The 1944 College All-Star Game was the second straight All-Star Game moved from Soldier Field to Dyche Stadium because of World War II.

On this cover, which features a great night shot of Dyche Stadium hosting the '43 All-Star game, the Chicago Tribune Tower appears to be the home to the eye of Sauron.

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