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For 2022, NU will wear new uniforms that tie back to more traditional styles that the team wore in the 1990s and earlier.

JERSEY: Purple, white, and black jerseys are standard.
  • By far, the biggest change in 2022 is the removal of the 2012 - 2021 chest stripe and the addition of traditional Northwestern Stripes on the sleeves. The chest stripe was a bold stroke and set Northwestern apart, but it served its purpose, and the school has chosen to reclaim its famous sleeve striping. The new jerseys are clean and traditional. All three jerseys keep the shoulder, or "TV," numbers and the Northwestern wordmark (still in Morgan Poster Avec font) and Big Ten logo on the chest.
  • The purple and white jerseys are identical in style to each other (HTP shows both of them on this page because we show all jerseys in the Under Armour era, even if the road jersey is stylistically the same as the home jersey). They are both very similar to the classic 1976 - 1977 uniform set, with single-color Northwestern Stripes and TV numbers.
  • The purple and white jersey numbers are slightly different from the earlier Under Armour numbers and have dropped the color outline.
  • The black jersey is nearly identical to the short-lived late-season 1994 uniform: white numbers with purple outlines, TV numbers, and a white-purple-white sleeve stripe, in keeping with the Barnett-era jerseys.

ELMET: NU's classic 1981 helmet design remains the standard, with a few minor modifications. NU will use purple, white, and black helmets as standard, with the traditional Northwestern N. In recent seasons, the N logo was both the fuller, slightly rounded version typical of the 1990s and 2000s, as well as the thinner version from the 1980s. It looks like the 2022 version is slightly updated, to make it consistent with the other uniform graphics.

The purple helmet's color now matches the jersey and pants even closer, giving the set a true uniform appearance. The black helmet is matte. All helmets still carry the WIN wordmark on the front plate.

PANTS: The pants appear identical to the 2019 - 2021 versions. The team will continue to use purple, white, and black pants interchangeably, at home and on the road. The pants are plain, except for the standard Northwestern N on the left hip and the Under Armour logo on the right.

While HTP's tracker doesn't usually include shoes, it should be noted that the 'Cats will have purple, white, and black UA shoes to mix and match with their unis.

    As with the previous Under Armour years, we will track the various uniform combinations used during the season.
    Note: if an entry in the list is in purple, that indicates the debut for that particular part of the Under Armour uni.

    See the bottom of the page for the description of any alternate uniform components.

    2022 Game Helmet Jersey
    Nebraska - @ Dublin --- --- ---
    Duke - Home
    --- --- ---
    So. Illinois - Home
    --- --- ---
    Miami, O - Home
    --- --- ---
    Penn State - Away
    --- --- ---
    Wisconsin - Home
    --- --- ---
    Maryland - Away
    --- --- ---
    Iowa - Away
    --- --- ---
    Ohio State - Home
    --- --- ---
    Minnesota - Away
    --- --- ---
    Purdue - Away
    ------ ---
    Illinois - Home
    --- --- ---

    2022 Alternate Uniform Components

    None yet announced.

    2022 Alternate Total Uniforms

    None yet announced.