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Part 2: 1926 through 1930
Posted 4/15/12

1926 was a seismic year for NU football: it saw the debut of Dyche Stadium, the end of the NU-Chicago football rivalry, and the Wildcats' first conference championship since 1903.  Along with the grand opening of NU's new stadium, the team's football programs also changed, switching from the somewhat drab purple and white program covers to multi-color covers featuring some of the best original artwork ever to grace NU's football programs. 

In fact, just as 1926 ushered in the "Golden Age" for the football team, so too did it begin the "Golden Age" for the team's football programs.  No fewer than six of the 20 iconic "classic covers" of NU football programs come from this brief, five-season period.

This gallery section is complete: all covers are represented.

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Oct. 2, 1926
South Dakota
The program from the stadium's debut.  At the time, the new facility was known as "Northwestern Stadium," and the program features a drawing of how the new stadium was supposed to look, once the east stands were completed-- they never were.  Note that the cover format is still the 1925 style.  Even the player's uniform is from 1925 (note the white-cross helmet).

Oct. 9, 1926
The second game at Northwestern Stadium, and the first with the new cover style, a wonderful, stark drawing of Wildcat star Moon Baker.

Oct. 16, 1926

Oct. 23, 1926
Notre Dame

Nov. 6, 1926

Nov. 13, 1926
Chicago - Classic Cover

Northwestern Stadium was renamed Dyche Stadium at this landmark game.  The program is also a landmark, featuring a unique view of the southwest tower.  It ranks as one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Oct. 1, 1927
South Dakota

Oct. 8, 1927

Oct. 22, 1927
  Illinois - Classic Cover

The combination of the stylized NU player and the Dyche Stadium background make this one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Oct. 29, 1927

Nov. 12, 1927
 Indiana - Classic Cover

NU had been referred to as "the Wildcats" in its programs during the previous three seasons, but this was the first cover to feature a wildcat.  It is one of the CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 19, 1927

Oct. 6, 1928

Oct. 13, 1928
Ohio State
Another cover with a great Dyche Stadium background

Oct. 20, 1928
Kentucky - Classic Cover

Another early Wildcat cover, this one playing on the "Wildcat vs. Wildcat" angle of the Kentucky game.  Its artistry earns it a ranking as one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 3, 1928

Nov. 10, 1928

Nov. 24, 1928

Oct. 5, 1929
Butler AND Cornell (Iowa)
Yes, you read right: this program is for both Butler and Cornell (IA).  On Oct. 5, 1929, NU hosted the only varsity double-header football event in its history, playing Butler, taking a break, and then playing Cornell (IA).  Stunningly, NU won both games.

Oct. 19, 1929
Another unique view of Dyche Stadium, this one from above.  Note the "Block N" formation in the stands.

Oct. 26, 1929
NU's 66-0 win is the Wildcats' Dyche Stadium record for points.
(Asgard Press watermark appears on this copy)

Nov. 2, 1929
Beginning a style that NU would feature more during the next season.

Nov. 16, 1929

Nov. 23, 1929
Notre Dame

Oct. 4, 1930
Possibly the only program cover in history that depicts the imminent destruction of NU's stadium. . .

Oct. 11, 1930
Ohio State

Oct. 25, 1930
Centre College - Classic Cover

This art deco masterpiece provided an iconic rendering of Dyche Stadium and is one of the twenty CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 15, 1930
Wisconsin - Classic Cover

Yet another masterpiece from 1926-1930, the artwork for this cover would be copied for years to come, and is among the CLASSIC NU PROGRAM COVERS.

Nov. 22, 1930
Notre Dame

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