EMU '09 Pix Page


Photo Gallery:
The 2009 Eastern Michigan Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat

Below are selected photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2009 Eastern Michigan game.  Other great Alaska photos from this game can be seen on Turk's site (Turk has terrific photos from the tailgate) and at Rivals.  As always, many thanks to Alaska for his great photos!

"No, seriously: if you cross your eyes just the right way, the dinosaur looks like it's 3-D."

Demos kicks off, from a somewhat typical Alaskan perspective.

Happy Down: Fitz consults with Brew.

Let's hope the cheerleaders had in their first-string receivers...

Demos delivers!

The 'Cats survive...

...and the band strikes it up.

Demos takes to the airwaves after the game.