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Photo Gallery:
The 2007 Minnesota Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat
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More great photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2007 Homecoming game with Minnesota.  (Photos are not necessarily in the order in which they were taken.)

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The 'Cats go for it on fourth down (NU was three for three on fourth down)..

Posing for the (television) camera.

Reception, and now a spin.

The moment of breaking the plane.

A bullet screen.

The O-Line does its work.

Conteh, with the grab, takes flight...

...and he's not the only one.

Again with Mr. Peterman!  He ended up with a game-high 12 catches.

Loose brick!  Note the flyin' lineman, incoming from the west.

"Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver Gopher."

OK, so it's a Minny touchdown.  Still, one of the coolest photos ever.

Kadela, approaching target.

Roberson, finding target.

Villarreal, kicking what would prove to be the game-winning point.

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