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Photo Gallery:
The 2007 Minnesota Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat
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Below are photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2007 Homecoming game with Minnesota, a game which tied for the greatest comeback in Wildcat history.  Many thanks to Alaska for his great photos! (Photos are not necessarily in the order in which they were taken.)

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Alaskanwildcat provides his own caption.

Willie, despite his shrunken head, makes a new friend before the game.

NUMB performs at Wildcat Alley.

The flag bearers and NUMB wait to march into the stadium.

The Mimsmobile rules!!!

Bachér finds open field.

With Roberson providing the blocking, McManis tries to break free.

NUMB takes to the stands.

Down 21?  Let the comeback begin.

Lane finds the zone.

Simmons prepares to down the ball.

Roberson tears off...

...and lunges for more yards.

Quick: find the ball!  Goldy has spotted it...

...and so has Mr. Peterman.

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