Commentary: Fitz's Contract Extended Through 2015
by Jonathan Hodges

As announced on NUSports.com earlier, Northwestern has signed an extension to Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald's contract to keep him on board through the 2015 season.  This had been a priority for NU AD Phillips as Coach Fitz began to generate some buzz this past fall with a 9-win season as an up and comer in the coaching ranks (at 34, he is still one of the youngest coaches at this level).  He coached the Wildcats to an improved record the past 2 seasons and has an overall record of 19-18 and has also stocked NU with some solid recruits for years to come.  Every NU fan and the members of the media have agreed that an extension should be in store, and thankfully the parties came to an agreement quickly.

Also note the university's commitment to keep a successful coach around and to give him the ability to hire solid assistants of his choosing around him - the financial outlay by Northwestern is nothing to be scoffed at, especially given NU's history of dropping the ball when it comes to keeping good coaches around and giving them the funds they need to succeed.

After becoming head coach Fitz has always expressed an interest in staying at Northwestern for the long haul, and this just confirms that fact - with, effectively, a 6 year contract extension.  Hopefully this will be just another step in a long and successful career as the leader of Northwestern football.  Although the nation is just becoming aware of his coaching abilities, NU fans knew the day that he took over that he was capable of success and hoped that he would be the one to bring long-term sustained success to the Wildcats.  Now the opportunity is his to reach that goal and to continue building his legacy at NU.

Go 'Cats!!!

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