Commentary: Kenosha Injury Update
by Jonathan Hodges

As reported over the weekend, WR Andrew Brewer, potentially one of the most electrifying players on the NU offense going into 2007, suffered a broken arm at Kenosha (while blocking downfield during a practice) and will apparently be lost for the season.  It is never good to see a player injured, and it is always a hard loss to see someone go down during practice (and even more difficult when someone is lost during preseason camp).  Obviously the Wildcat nation wishes Andrew the best of luck in his recovery and hopes to see him on the field again soon.

While this loss is disappointing and to a potential starter, I noted in my previous injury commentary how the WR corps was relatively deep was not a trouble area in terms of losing a player.  There are plenty of talented players waiting to get onto the field in addition to the current starters of Lane, Peterman, and Thompson: Ward, Jones, Stewart, and Frymire are all waiting in the wings.  The player who has the biggest opportunity to step up is Thompson who has had injury troubles himself, but is now staring down the perfect chance to finish off his Wildcat career on a high note.  There are a plethora of receivers for Bacher to throw to.  While the loss of Brewer will possibly remove some of the potential gadget plays from NU's arsenal, plenty of firepower remains.

It ended up being pure coincidence that Brewer was injured the very same morning that I wrote my injury commentary - and ended up being just one in the long line of Kenosha casualties.  While it seems like it always happens to NU and always has a big impact on the season, injuries happen quite often in football - during games and practices within the regular season as well as preseason camp.  It is a contact sport and a physical game and whenever there is contact, the chance is there.  The fact is that in college the coaches must develop the players, and to do so they must get them on the playing field - and camp is the best opportunity to work on various aspects of the game (rather than during the season where a lot of emphasis is on game planning and specific plays).  It is something that has an impact on every team, and while one hates to see injuries occur in practice - it seems to be just another part of the game.  Many fans overlook injuries in games (especially with the game on the line) since the player "was out there giving his best" or "was playing full tilt," and fail to consider that in order to perform at their best the players must give the same effort in practice - yielding the same risks of injury.  While some of it comes down to conditioning and technique, at this level of play (especially for the upperclassmen or those players with experience) much of it comes down to luck.  And one must hope that luck is on their side.

Injuries may very well play an impact on NU's season, although one hopes that the 'Cats have seen their share of bad luck for the year.  I would like to see the 'Cats rebound and hit the ground running on September 1 with as many healthy and prepared players as possible.  Go 'Cats!!!

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