Commentary: Farewell
by Jonathan Hodges

I would like to take this chance to say farewell to HailToPurple and its loyal readers and say thank you to those readers as well as Larry, who has kept the longest running Northwestern Football website running strong for over a decade. Unfortunately I had to make an abrupt exit from the online NU community due to burning out while handling family and work commitments, but it has been a fun run since the beginning of the 2007 season.

Thankfully the online NU community is larger and more vibrant than ever with a plethora of sources and new content coming out constantly, and I am sure that readers will be able to fill any void with information from elsewhere. Also, there are plenty of voices on Twitter and Facebook at add to the conversation, which was part of my problem in trying to follow it all. But it's great to see the Wildcats establish a competitive nature on the field and its passionate fans demonstrating their commitment to the 'Cats online.

Northwestern's on-field achievements since I started school in 2000 and since I started writing for HTP in 2007 have been pretty amazing. Although fans are not satisfied with this season's results and continuously think about what could have been, taking a long term perspective it's easy to see that NU has established a sustained success in the 2000's and particularly in Fitz's tenure. Bowl games are now a minimum requirement and fans are not satisfied without competing for a championship. I look forward to see how things go in the near future as Fitz is certainly the right man to be at the helm of the Northwestern football program and he has things moving in the right direction. And that's without mentioning the great success the program has had off the field and in the classroom, which NU fans know matter.

A quick review of my prediction records at HTP (pending 2 more preseason picks this season: I predicted a loss to MSU and a win over Illinois):

Preseason Picks: 58-24 (70.7%)
Game Week Picks: 58-26 (69.0%)
ATS: 38-39 (49.4%)
O/U: 37-39-1 (48.7%)

I'd like to again extend thanks to Larry and HTP for hosting my content and for all of the loyal readers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers, and it's been great to meet some of you over the years.  I'm happy to have had the chance to contribute to the Northwestern football community and will continue to follow the Wildcats through thick and thin and support them as much as I can (and watch every game).

Go 'Cats!!!

e-mail: j-hodges@alumni.northwestern.edu

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