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2005 Questions
2005 Winner, prize drawing: Midvale Dave
Most wins, 2005 season: West Coast Cat

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How many times has Playboy named a Northwestern head coach its coach of the year?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
E.  According to NU, Playboy has named a Northwestern head coach its coach of the year four times: 1958 (Parseghian), 1962 (Parseghian), 1995 (Barnett), and 2000 (Walker).
Which of these sets of brothers, who played football at NU, represented the U.S. in the Olympics?

A. Browns
B. Burtons
C. Deans
D. Mussos
C.  Rob and Randy Dean both played for the US Handball Team in the 1976 Olympics.
Which of the following authors includes in one of his books a mention of Northwestern in a bowl game and also features a character who is supposed to be a former Wildcat running back?

A. Dan Brown
B. Tom Clancy
C. William Faulkner
D. Stephen King
E. Kurt Vonnegut
B.  Tom Clancy included these mentions in his book The Sum of All Fears.
The November 10, 2001 game against Iowa marks the most recent time that:

A. The 'Cats recorded a safety
B. NU fully sold out Ryan Field
C. An opponent scored more than 50 points against NU
D. A game was halted due to weather
E. All of the above happened
A.  The 'Cats recorded a safety (as of 2005...)
How many NU alumni have served as head coach in a bowl game? (Note: All-Star games and pro games don't count.)

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
D., Three

Probably the most famous example is Bob Voigts, an All-American player at NU who coached the 'Cats to their Rose Bowl championship.  Less well-known is the fact that Wildcat legend Otto Graham also coached a bowl game.   Graham briefly coached the Coast Guard Academy.  In 1963 His Coast Guard team went undefeated in the regular season and received enough national attention to receive a bid to the Tangerine Bowl.  Coast Guard lost to Western Kentucky 27-0.

However, there is a third NU alumnus to coach a bowl team.  On January 1, 1949, the very day Voigts took his 'Cats into the Rose Bowl, Al Kawal coached Drake to a 14-13 victory over the Arizona Wildcats in the now-defunct Salad Bowl.  Kawal played at NU in the early '30s, first as a backup to quarterback George Potter, then as a guard.  He was NU's captain in 1934.  After serving as head coach at Drake, Kawal went on to coach at Temple and Southern Illinois.
With the 2005 victory over Michigan State, Brett Basanez earned his 20th win at quarterback, an NU record.  Whose record did he break? Steve Schnur
Just after Northwestern made it to the '96 Rose Bowl, who said, referring to the team's motto at the time, "Now the Northwestern fans won't 'Expect Victory,' they'll demand victory."

A. Henry Bienen
B. Brian Musso
C. Steve Schnur
D. Rick Taylor
E. Sam Valenzisi
E., Sam Valenzisi
After last Saturday's game Coach Randy Walker said, "He scares me when he walks by me.  He's got those eyes that look right through the back of your head."  To whom was Coach Walker referring? Tim McGarigle
Who is the last Wildcat to win the Chicago Tribune Silver Football Award as Big Ten MVP?

A. Ron Burton, 1958
B. Mike Adamle, 1971
C. Lee Gissendaner, 1992
D. Pat Fitzgerald, 1995
E. Damien Anderson, 2000
C. Lee Gissendaner, 1992
This Wildcat star was recruited by Lou Saban out of Ohio and was Ara Parseghian's very first All-American player at any school.  Parseghian later said of #78, "He had quickness, timing and strength, and played equally well on both sides of the football for me.  I consider him to be in the top echelon of players that I have coached."  He was named to NU's All-Time All-American team in 1970, as well as to NU's All-Time Great Players team in 1982.  He was also named one of the top 100 All-Time Big Ten players in 1995.  He played for several NFL teams, including the Packers and the Cowboys, before earning a PhD in physics.  Who is this 'Cat? Andy Cvercko
To what was Gary Barnett referring when he said this famous quote: "I feel bad for our students and our fans.  We created a bandwagon that everybody jumped on.  Now they'll slide right off." Barnett was talking about NU's 1995 gut-wrenching loss to Miami, which followed the team's big win over Notre Dame.
When Coach Randy Walker played fullback for Miami, what number did he wear?  Hint #1:  it's a number now prominently featured in the Wildcats' defense.  Hint #2: if you attended the NIU game, there's a good chance you have this information in hand.  Is it:

A. 3
B. 19
C. 20
D. 41
E. 67
D. 41
Which 'Cat blocked a last-second field goal to save the 1997 Michigan State game?

A. Ellery Bennett
B. Anwawn Jones
C. Brian Marshall
D. Thor Schmidt
E. Toussaint Waterman
B. Anwawn Jones
Last year Brett Basanez broke the NU record for passing yards gained in a single season by throwing for 2,838 yards.  Whose record did he break?

A. Brett Basanez (i.e., he broke his own record)
B. Zak Kustok
C. Steve Schnur
D. Sandy Schwab
E. Len Williams
D. Sandy Schwab
Which current member of the Wildcat football staff played in college for a school that won the 1924 Big Ten championship? Tight Ends / Halfbacks Coach Adam Cushing, who played for the University of Chicago.  The 1924 Maroons were sole Big Ten champs.
Which Wildcat first-round draft pick appeared in seven NFL Pro Bowls and was the first-ever AFC rookie starter in a (post AFL-NFL merger) Pro Bowl?  Hint: he ended his football career playing for his college coach.
Chris Hinton, who was a first-round draft pick in 1983.  Hinton played his first decade in the NFL with the Colts and the Falcons.  He spent his final seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, playing for Dennis Green, who was his head coach at NU.