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What is James Rogers' connection with NU football?

A. He was NU's first-ever football coach
B. He first called NU "The Wildcats"
C. His fumble cost NU the 1931 National Championship
D. He designed Dyche Stadium
E. No one named James Rogers has ever had any connection with NU football
D. He designed Dyche Stadium
From 1934 to 1976 Soldier Field hosted the College All-Star Football Game, in which the NFL champion team would play an all-star collegiate team.  Many NU players were invited to play for the College All-Stars during its history.   NU had one college player, Eggs Manske, on the original 1934 College All-Star team.  Who was the very last Wildcat to play for the College All-Star team?

A. Mike Adamle
B. Paul Flatley
C. Otto Graham
D. Mike Kerrigan
E. Dave Shelbourne
A. Mike Adamle
Complete this classic quote from Gary Barnett with the appropriate two-word catchphrase:

"The 1992 Wildcats will look different, play differently, and at all times _____  _____."
Expect Victory
This week's trivia question is a little different from the usual setup, and isn't so much a question as a riddle.

I'm the strangest 'Cat fan that ever was or could be.

I was made a star, but came from a tree.

I once wore NU's uniform, helmet and all,

though I never played the game, and stood just four feet tall.

A purple paradox, as any
dummy would know:

Completely silent, yet master of radio.

Charlie McCarthy, the wooden dummy belonging to Edgar Bergen.  Bergen attended Northwestern, and NU gave an honorary degree to McCarthy (the only known instance of the university conferring a degree on a non-human).  Bergen and McCarthy occasionally returned to NU to cheer on the Wildcats.
Prior to the start of the 1995 season, what were the odds at Caesar's in Las Vegas against NU winning the '95 Big Ten Championship?

A. 20 to 1
B. 200 to 1
C. 2000 to 1
D. 20,000 to 1
E. 2,000,000 to 1
The very first football game of any sort played at Soldier Field featured Northwestern hosting what team? Notre Dame
Northwestern's first bowl appearance was the January 1, 1949 Rose Bowl.  Yet the Wildcats did not claim the Big Ten championship during the 1948 season.  Why did NU get to go to Rose Bowl? Michigan was the sole Big Ten (or Big Nine, as the conference was nicknamed then) champion in 1948, and in fact was given the mythical national championship.  However, the Wolverines went to the Rose Bowl following the 1947 season, and the conference had a no-repeat rule in effect at the time (or, more accurately, a "no two trips in three years" rule).  NU, having come in second in the conference, was given the bowl berth and went on to upset undefeated California in one of the most exciting Rose Bowls.
Who was the very first Wildcat to be drafted into the NFL?

A. Ralph Baker
B. Otto Graham
C. Art Murakowski
D. Paul Tangora
E. Joe Zuravleff
D., Paul Tangora, who was the 29th pick overall in the first NFL draft, in 1936.
The new Otto Graham Honor Roll at Ryan Field comprises what three lists? From left to right, Northwestern's bowl appearances, first team All-Americans, and Big Ten Championships.
In an unusual move, Coach Walker revealed last week that the Wildcats will not have fixed, permanent team captains this year, but will assign captains on a by-game basis.  When is the last time NU football had by-game captains?

A. 1892
B. 1930
C. 1961
D. 1987
E. NU has never before had this arrangement
D., 1987.  Francis Peay used different captains for each game during the 1986 and 1987 seasons.
After the 1996 season, NU removed its AstroTurf field and went to natural grass for '97.  What was the fate of the old AstroTurf field?

A. It lives on, intact, gracing a stadium in West Virginia.
B. It was ground up and used for the padding for the University of Illinois' FieldTurf.
C. It was burned in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  The smoke caused a county-wide emergency.
D. It was recycled.  That bottle of Coke?  You're drinking Dyche Stadium.
E. A total mystery.  Prior to disposal, the field disappeared without a trace.
A.  The city of Charleston, West Virginia bought the AstroTurf from NU for $30,000 and installed it in Laidley Field, home to the University of Charleston football team.
This week the Wildcats conclude their ______ straight preseason at Camp Kenosha.

A. seventh
B. twelfth
C. thirteenth
D. eighteenth
E. twenty-second
C., the thirteenth preseason.