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On Saturday, October 3, 1931, X decided to head up to Evanston to catch a Northwestern football game (NU defeated Nebraska, 19 to 7).  As X took his seat he was subjected to hostile stares.  X tried to ignore them, since he loved sports and he expected respectful treatment wherever he went.  Before the end of the first quarter, some in the crowd began booing him, and as the game progressed nearly 40,000 people were watching X rather than the game.  Finally, at the end of the third quarter, X could stand the humiliation no longer.  He left the stadium, to the cheering of the entire crowd.  The next week, The Daily Northwestern boldly wrote, "Get this, X, you are not wanted at Dyche Stadium nor at Soldier Field when Northwestern is host.  You are not getting away with anything and you are only impressing a moronic few who don't matter anyway."  Who was X?
Al Capone
Which of these Northwestern alumni had over ten offers to play football from colleges around the country and started at NU with a Wildcat football scholarship (and ultimately declined the scholarship)?

A. Warren Beatty
B. David Schwimmer
C. Paul Lynde
D. Charleton Heston
E. Ann-Margaret

A., Warren Beatty
For a long time conferences (including the Big Ten) have occasionally sent multiple teams to bowls, but the Big Ten was the very first to have a contractual tie-in with a bowl for its runner up team.  At first, the Big Ten's contracts awarded the Citrus Bowl to the conference's third place team; a year later this was changed and the Big Ten's runner up was sent to the Citrus.  Which bowl originally had the contract for the Big Ten's runner up team?

A. Outback
B. Humanitarian
C. Holiday
D. Cotton
E. Copper

C. Holiday
Who once called the Wildcats "a collection of Walter Mittys"?

A. Gary Barnett
B. Gary Danielson
C. Joe Paterno
D. Brent Musburger
E. Randy Walker
F. Keith Jackson

The answer is F., Keith Jackson, who used this description of NU during his intro to the 1995 Penn State game. [Thanks to Far East Wildcat, who suggested the question]
What NFL superstar quarterback  was traded for a Northwestern fooball player before either of them played a down of professional football?
John Elway.  In 1983 Elway was the number one draft pick for the Colts.  NU's Chris Hinton was draft pick number four, picked up by the Broncos.  Elway refused to play for the Colts, so they traded him to the Broncos for Hinton, a 1984 pick, and QB Mark Herrmann. [Thanks to MO'Cats, who suggested the question]
When Gary Barnett brought Ron Vanderlinden with him to NU as an assistant coach, Vanderlinden's verbal reaction to seeing Northwestern was:

A. "So this is where Shelly Long went!"
B. "There hasn't been much here.  There isn't much here.  We'll start from scratch."
C. "What the Hell is this rock?!"
D. "Wow, what a beautiful campus.  We can recruit here."
E. "Well, it's better than Maryland."

When NU defeated Wisconsin (#20 AP / #17 Coaches) last month, it was the first time NU has beaten a ranked team in some time.  Prior to the win over Wisconsin, which team was the last ranked team to fall to NU?

A. Iowa
B. Michigan
C. Michigan State
D. Minnesota
E. Wisconsin ( ! )

C., Michigan State, which was ranked #23 in the AP poll when NU beat it in 2001.
Who is the all-time career interception leader in NU history?

A. Bobby Anderson
B. Harold Blackmon
C. Raheem Covington
D. Brett Whitley
E. Tom Worthington

D., Brett Whitley, who notched 15 interceptions
When Dyche Stadium was being built, the plans called for the stadium to be expanded in phases over several years.  According to the original plans, what would have been Dyche Stadium's eventual and final capacity?

A. 35,000
B. 45,000
C. 55,000
D. 65,000
E. 75,000

E. 75,000 [See feature table below.]

Question #130 is one of the most difficult yet posed on this site.  While the original version of the plans indicated an eventual capacity of 75,000, another plan (mentioned at the stadium's dedication) put the figure at over 80,000!  Phase two of the stadium would have built onto the east stands, adding towers and an upper deck similar to the west stands:

Drawing of how Dyche Stadium would have looked after
the east stands were expanded.

The third phase of the original plans for Dyche Stadium, if it had been carried out, would have been unprecedented in American architecture: a full third deck was to be added to both the east and west stands!

The week after Question #130 posted, Wildcat fan 'Catatonic Tim sent in this artist's rendition of what Dyche Stadium might look like with the third deck expansion!  Hey, if it's good enough for the Bears....

What one-word headline did The Daily Northwestern splash across its front page on November 23, 1948, in letters over three inches high?  The secondary headline was, "California Is Wildcat Opponent."
Which Wildcats coach, about to depart NU for another school, was asked at a press conference why he was considering leaving and gave the famous reply, "I'm restive."

A. Pappy Waldorf
B. Ara Parseghian
C. Alex Agase
D. Dennis Green
E. Gary Barnett

B. Ara Parseghian [Thanks to StJoeCat, who suggested the question]
George Plimpton, author and (very, very briefly) Detroit Lions quarterback, died last week at the age of 76.  In his book, Paper Lion (and also in the movie version), what former Northwestern defensive end is forced to sing "Go U Northwestern" as an NFL rookie?

A. Michael Andler
B. Stuart Holcomb
C. John McCambridge
D. John Rearden
E. Fred Williamson

C., John McCambridge [Thanks to BobbyD, who suggested the question]

What one thing do the following current Wildcats all have in common?  

Jeff Backes, Barry Cofield, Chris Horton, Adam Kadela, Ryan Keenan, Rick McDole, Ike Ndukwe, Ryan Pederson, Mark Philmore, Zach Strief, and Nick Tosi.

They are all from Ohio.
What was the Wildcats' "razzle dazzle" play used occasionally in the late sixties that featured halfback Richard "Chico" Kurzawski?

A. The double flea-flicker
B. The "spin to win" blocking move
C. The hidden ball trick
D. The direct snap to halfback
E. The quick kick

E., the quick kick.  On any given down, the quarterback could hand off to Kurzawski, who would kick the ball past unsuspecting defenses, where it would roll unimpeded. [Thanks to Katzfan230, who suggested the question]
This season (2003) NU has unveiled brand new uniforms.  The uniforms sport several new features, including a new font for the numerals.  What is the new Wildcat font?

A. Courier
B. Celtic
C. Colonial
D. Craven
E. Catatonic

B., Celtic.
At the NU-Notre Dame game in South Bend in 1948, Willie was initially prohibited from appearing on the field for one specific reason.  After a lengthy conference, Notre Dame officials gave Willie "special permission" to appear on the field.  What was the problem?

A. Willie's behavior at Notre Dame two years prior caused a near-riot.
B. Notre Dame did not allow mascots of any sort at games, not even an Irish one.
C. During this period all cheerleaders (and mascots) had to be in military uniform.
D. "Willie" was female, which was not Kosher from Notre Dame's standpoint.
E. Willie's all-wool costume was deemed a fire hazard.

D.  At the time, the Willie costume was operated by two people, and in 1948 both students who operated Willie were female.  Notre Dame did not allow women on the sacred football field during a game for any reason. [Thanks to MDCatFan, who suggested the question]
What was unusual about Willie the Wildcat during the 1981 football season?

A. The cheerleaders kept him in a cage.
B. He wore a tuxedo.
C. He drove a tiny car, called "The 'Catillac."
D. Different alumni (including Maclean Stevenson) portrayed him at each game.
E. There was no Willie mascot in 1981!

A.  They kept Willie in a large cage "until the team scored."
Officially, there have been five Wildcat players who, during their careers, have rushed for 20 or more touchdowns.  Two of the five are Damien Anderson and Darnell Autry.  Can you name any one of the other three?
The possible correct answers, as of 2003, are Zak Kustok (22), Ron Burton (21) and Bob Christian (20).  Darnell Autry had 35, and Damien Anderson had 38.
A current owner of a major pro sports franchise was once an assistant coach for NU's football team, but only for one year.  Who is this former Wildcat coach?
Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who was the Wildcats' ends coach in 1955. [Thanks to MDCatFan, who suggested the question]
Harold Blackmon currently holds the season record for passes broken up (he set it in 1999, and broke his own record in 2000, with 22 PBUs), and has held that record for four seasons.  Which of the prior holders of this record officially held it the longest?  (he claimed the PBU record for twenty-three seasons!)
Assistant head coach Jerry Brown, who set the record in 1971 and held it until 1994.
"The only difference between me and General Custer is that I have to watch the films on Sunday."

The classic quote shown above appears on the Internet and in sports books everywhere, typically attributed to "a college football coach."  However, several sources credit which Northwestern coach with having first said this?

A. John Pont
B. Rick Venturi
C. Dennis Green
D. Francis Peay
E. Gary Barnett

B. Rick Venturi
What Heisman Trophy winner and first-round NFL draft choice player was diagnosed with a career-ending illness while practicing at Northwestern for the College All-Star game?
Syracuse great Ernie Davis [Thanks to BobbyD, who suggested the question]
What is former NU coach John Pont's favorite hobby?

A. Growing rare black orchids
B. Participating in Civil War reenactments
C. Amateur radio astronomy
D. Collecting artifacts from the Dark Ages
E. Cooking gourmet Chinese food

E., cooking Chinese food [Thanks to nycat, who suggested the question]
While playing for Kansas City, which NU alumnus brought attention to himself by wearing a custom-tailored uniform and white shoes, and by developing a karate-based offensive move? (Hint: the karate move had a nickname)
The karate move was "The Hammer," and the player was Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.
Which NU quarterback made the most consecutive pass attempts without an interception?

A. Otto Graham
B. Sandy Schwab
C. Len Williams
D. Zak Kustok
E. Brett Basanez

D., Zak Kustok (277 passes)(as of 2003)
One Big Ten team actually formally proposed that NU be kicked out of the conference.  By World War I, NU had become uncompetitive (after dropping football, then returning in 1908).  Which school proposed ejecting NU?

A. Illinois
B. Iowa
C. Michigan
D. Ohio State
E. Wisconsin

E., Wisconsin [Thanks to MDCatFan, who suggested the question]
Which legendary coach once refused to play NU in football because he decided that the Northwestern athletes were not "clean" enough to play his team?

A. Knute Rockne
B. Amos Alonzo Stagg
C. Fielding "Hurry Up" Yost
D. Bob Zuppke

B., Stagg  [Thanks to 'Catatonic Tim, who suggested the question]
For one entire season and for part of another, NU had checkerboard end zones, similar to the checkerboard design for which the University of Tennessee is famous.  What seasons did NU feature this design?
1997 & 1998.  NU renovated Dyche Stadium, tore out the artificial turf and planted natural grass prior to the 1997 season.  For the first games during 1997, the new field had no decorative markings.  However, for the second half of 1997, Ryan Field featured the checkerboard design.  The checkerboard lasted until the end of the 1998 season.
What NU quarterback, during his freshman season:
  • Started all but one of the games he played in;
  • Closed his rookie season with the sixth-best passing day in NU history, with more completions in that game than any Wildcat had produced in a game in nine years;
  • Was named to the Sporting News Freshman All-America (second team), and the Sporting News Big Ten All-Freshmen (first team) teams;
  • Ranked first nationally among all freshmen QBs in passing yardage;
  • Threw just two interceptions out of 220 consecutive pass attempts.
Brett Basanez (in 2002)
During which of the following years did NU students actually tear down goal posts after a game? (There were other years.  The correct answer features some of the years; all the other answers have at least one wrong year)

A. 1962, 1971, 1995 (twice), 2000
B. 1950, 1972, 1982, 1990, 1995
C. 1958, 1972, 1979, 1990, 1991 (twice)
D. 1949, 1958, 1981, 1982, 1990 (twice), 1991
E. 1962, 1971, 1982, 1990, 1991, 2000

  • 1949: After the January 1, 1949 Rose Bowl victory.
  • 1958: NU upset top-ranked Ohio State at Dyche Stadium.
  • 1981: The Wildcats set the NCAA record with their (at the time) 29-game losing streak when they are trounced at home by Michigan State.  Before the game, the student chant was "Stop State at 28!!"  After the game, the students tore the goal posts down and chanted "We are the worst!!"  in the lowest moment in NU football history.
  • 1982: There were actually two games.  After NU beat NIU, ending their 34-game streak, and after the 'Cats beat Minnesota, ending their four year Big Ten winless streak.
  • 1990: The posts came down twice in 1990 as well: after NU snapped the "Mini Streak" by beating (again) Northern Illinois and when NU beat Wisconsin, ending an 11-game Big Ten losing streak.
  • 1991: The last time the goal posts came down was after NU beat Illinois during Homecoming.  When Barnett came to NU, the school sunk the goal posts in cement, making it more difficult (but not impossible) to tear them down.  Students tried in 1995 and 2000, but did not succeed.
During the 1995 "Dream Season," Coach Barnett often wore a hat which bore the slogan, "Winning is"...

A. "an attitude"
B. "one play away"
C. "expected now"
D. "my business, and business is good!"
E. "the only thing"
F. "the Wildcat Way"

How many first round NFL draft picks have come from Northwestern?

A. One
B. Three
C. Seven
D. Eleven
E. Twenty
F. Thirty-two

C., seven:

  • Otto Graham, 1944, Lions
  • Vic Schwall, 1947, Giants
  • Ron Burton, 1960, Eagles
  • Fate Echlos, 1962, Cardinals
  • Cas Banaszek, 1967, 49ers
  • Chris Hinton, 1983, Broncos
  • Napoleon Harris, 2002, Raiders
[Since this question, Luis Castillo has joined the list]
One image on this list did NOT appear on NU's helmets at any time during the last two years (2001-02).  Which one?

A. An athletic 'N" logo, without 'Cat head
B. A 'Cat head logo, without the "N"
C. The "N-Cat" logo, including both "N" and 'Cat head
D. A 'Cat Paw image
E. The official Big Ten logo
F. The word "Wildcats"
G. The NCAA logo
H. Riddell's logo
I. A football
J. The player's number
K. The U.S. Flag
L. A warning
M. A five-pointed star

C., the "N-Cat" logo.  The N-Cat appears on the jerseys and the pants, but not the helmets.

Which Wildcat started more games than any other player in NU history?

A. Greg Boykin, 1972-1976
B. Clyde Carr, 1887
C. Rob Johnson, 1992-1995
D. Sam Poulos, 1976-1979
E. Jim Torkelson, 1983-1986
C. Rob Johnson started 45 games.