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According to NU, in what year was a Northwestern football game first televised?

A. 1947
B. 1949
C. 1951
D. 1953

A B or C.  Officially, the first game was 1951.  NU games might have been televised as early as 1931, with other stations claiming 1947 and '49.  WGN began televising NU in 1948.
What is NU's record for most points scored by the 'Cats in a single quarter?

A. 28
B. 34
C. 46
D. 58

B., 34, set in the second quarter of the 1991 Wake Forest game.  NU won, 41 to 14.
What NU coach came up with the Wildcat nickname for another school?  Hint #1: he also coached at this other school.  Hint #2: he created the (now little known) Z Formation and even wrote a book about it, called The Z Formation: Its Theory and Application.

A. Charles Bachman
B. Francis Peay
C. Lou Saban
D. Pappy Waldorf

A. Charles Bachman (at Kansas State)
Who was the first Wildcat to score 200 points during his career at NU?

A. Darnell Autry
B. Greg Boykin
C. Ron Burton
D. John Duvic

D. John Duvic
Who was Willie the Wildcat the last time NU beat OSU?  Hint #1: he was a walkon on NU's football and basketball teams.  Hint #2: He's from Batavia, Illinois and co-owns the restaurant chain Jocks and Jills Sports Grill.  Hint #3: he currently works as an NBA sideline reporter for a major cable network that is not ESPN.
Craig Sager
We continue the Wildcats in Hollywood theme.....

In spring 1996 NU star Darnell Autry flew to Italy to act in a film.  The trip touched off a landmark legal decision against the NCAA, which had tried to prevent Autry's journey.  What was the film?

A. The Godfather Four (scrapped after two weeks of filming)
B. Fox Force Five
C. The Eighteenth Angel
D. The Ninth Gate

C. The Eighteenth Angel
Another question about NU standout Reb Russell:

After playing for the Wildcats and helping NU to two titles, Russell went on to even greater success as:

A. A senator from South Carolina
B. A movie cowboy
C. The first NU alum to play four pro sports (hockey, boxing, baseball, and basketball)
D. The author of Civil War romance novels

B. A movie cowboy
Who am I?  I enrolled at the University of Nebraska where, as a running quarterback, I received All Conference honors.  I transfered to Northwestern from Nebraska, but had to sit out a year.  After my gridiron exile, I lit up the field, carrying the Wildcats to two Big Ten championships in a row.  Notre Dame's coach called me "the greatest plunging fullback I ever saw."  I am:

A. Matt Hartl
B. Levelle Brown
C. Henry Mellin
D. Reb Russell

D. Reb Russell (the Notre Dame coach was Knute Rockne)
What are the most points scored by NU in a losing effort?
43 points by NU in 1973 against Minnesota, which scored 52.  For over two decades, this was the Big Ten record as well. [since this question was asked, NU lost to TCU in 2004, 45 to 48]
Against which team has Northwestern achieved the greatest number of victories (a total of 40) [as of Sept. 2002]?
The previous question dealt with NU football being featured at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1903.  How many World's Fairs have featured a Northwestern football game?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

C. Three.  NU hosted Illinois at Sheppard Field as an event in conjunction with the 1893 Colombian Exhibition.  The Wildcats shifted three of their home games to Soldier Field in 1933  for the Century of Progress World's Fair.
In 1903, NU played Washington as a featured part of what event?
A. The World's Fair
B. The Opening of the Panama Canal
C. U.S. Olympic Tryouts
D. Teddy Roosevelt's first "Western" visit as president

A.  The World's Fair
Which is the only Big Ten team ever to win three Rose Bowl games in a seven season stretch?
Wisconsin (1994, 1999, 2000)
As a player at Miami of Ohio, Randy Walker was MVP of his team in 1975.  That team's captain is currently the head coach of another program.  Who is that team captain?
Florida head coach Ron Zook
Twice in Northwestern's history the Wildcats have played 13 or more games during the course of a single calendar year.  In what year did this happen most recently?
1997 [thanks to Eurocat, who contributed this question]  [this has happened a couple of times since this question was asked.]
As a student (not necessarily at NU), a certain player-- who went on to be an NU coach-- performed a feat only once before ever accomplished:  he scored twice in a game, as a guard.  Against Minnesota, this player stole the ball from the offense and ran 38 yards for a touchdown.  Later in the game, he recovered another fumble and scored another touchdown.  Who was this  player?

A. Randy Walker
B. Francis Peay
C. Alex Agase
D. Bob Voigts

C. Alex Agase, playing for Purdue in 1942. [thanks to indybigten, who contributed this question]
What team holds the Div. I-A Record for consecutive non-winning seasons?

A. Rice
B. Southern Methodist
C. Temple
D. Virginia

A. Rice (28 seasons, 1964-91)
What game is considered the greatest comeback in NU history?
Minnesota, 2000 (NU came back from 21 pts. down to win)
When was the most recent season during which NU enjoyed two consecutive home game sellouts?
Which team (as of 2002) has NU hosted most often for the Wildcats' Homecoming game?
Minnesota (14 times)
How many varsity letters (in any sport, not just football) did Wildcat great Otto Graham win while at NU?

A. None-- NU did not give out varsity letters in the 1940's
B. Two
C. Four
D. Eight
E. A record-shattering thirty-one

D. Eight total,  for football, baseball, and basketball.
I am from Chicago, and proudly wore #1 at NU.  One of my biggest accomplishments on the field at NU was setting the school record for most consecutive games catching a touchdown pass (six).  I still hold records for the number of receptions in a season (94), receptions for touchdown in a game (three), and others, although D'Wayne Bates took several other records away from me.  I am:

A. Richard Buchanan
B. Ricky Edwards
C. Jon Harvey
D. Scott Yelvington

A. Richard Buchanan [thanks to  Coach Roy, who contributed this question]

What was the last year during which NU received at least one first-place vote in a weekly A.P. Poll?
Since the A.P. Poll began in 1936, during how many years has NU been ranked for at least one week? (As of June 2002)

A. NU has never been ranked, even for a week.
B. Two seasons.
C.  Eight seasons.
D. Twenty-five seasons.
E. NU has been ranked for at least a week during every season since 1936.
D. Twenty-five seasons [again, as of 2002]
Who led the Wildcats in rushing touchdowns last year (2001)?
Zak Kustok
When Ara Parseghian was NU's football coach, he happened to be in the stands at a Northwestern basketball road game.  During the game a fight broke out, and NU's assistant sports information director (M*A*S*H actor McLean Stevenson) suffered a black eye and a bloody nose.  Parseghian, enraged, tried to jump into the fray and fight the opposing fans.  NU players and staff had to physically restrain Ara.  What team's fans started the ruckus that infuriated Ara?

A. DePaul
B. Notre Dame
D. Alaska
E. Evansville (Indiana)

B. Notre Dame
Another question about Alex Agase:  one thing that Agase and coach Ara Parseghian had in common was that both coached NU.  But on what team did both play?

A. Illinois
B. Purdue
C. Miami (Ohio)
D. Cleveland Browns
E. Baltimore Colts

D. Cleveland Browns
Which NU head coach, as a Marine, earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart on Okinawa?

A. Bob Voigts
B. Lou Saban
C. Ara Parseghian
D. Alex Agase

D. Alex Agase
During the 1898 NU team's game against Minnesota on November 12, 1898, the University of Minnesota implemented college football's first ever--

A. Huddle
B. Forward pass (although still illegal)
C. Cheerleader
D. Painted helmets

C. Cheerleader [thanks to Galloping Grapes, who contributed this question]
In its 1898 team photo, the Northwestern football team posed behind what animal?

A. a dog
B. a wildcat
C. a bear cub
D. an enormous dead moose
E. Francis Willard
A. a dog