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2000 winner, prize drawing: Maureen Linhardt.
Most wins, 2000 season: FarEastWildcat, 6.

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How many passes did NU complete en route to its 1949 Rose Bowl win? One.
What Wildcat rushed for the most yards in a single Northwestern bowl game? Frank Aschenbrenner rushed for 119 yards in the 1949 Rose Bowl, nine  more yards than Darnell Autry had in the 1996 Rose. [Note: since the answer posted on 12/29/00, this record has been broken by Damien Anderson in the 2000 Alamo and Jason Wright in the 2003 Motor City Bowl.]
What Wildcat passed for the most yards in a single Northwestern bowl game? Steve Schnur-- 336 yards in the 1996 Rose Bowl. [Note: since the answer posted in Dec. 2000, this record has been broken by Basanez in the 2005 Sun Bowl.]
Who was the first Northwestern player to kick a successful field goal of 40 or more yards? The late, great Paddy Driscoll.  Paddy kicked a 43 yard field goal vs. Chicago in 1916, the first documented NU field goal greater than 40 yards.
What are the official colors of our Alamo Bowl opponent, the Nebraska football team? Scarlet and Cream.
Randy Walker's defense of the Big Ten Championship begins New Year's Eve 2000-- the day after the Alamo Bowl.  Who was the first NU coach to defend successfully a Big Ten Title? Dick Hanley.
Name all the teams from the state of Texas that NU has played at least once? Texas, Rice, TCU, and SMU.
What were the very first school colors used by the NU athletic teams? In 1878 NU's baseball team wore brown and white, but the following year the school officially chose black and gold, the original colors for "NWU."  The colors were almost immediately replaced by purple and gold.
The color purple (with white) was chosen as the official school color in 1892.  What was the school color(s) immediately prior to the 1892 decision? The previous colors were purple and gold, which had been used officially since 1879.  In 1892, NU decided to use just one color, which was in keeping with the practice on  the east coast (and, at the time, seemed more "dignified.").  In a vote, NU decided to drop gold and retain royal purple.
As a college player, Randy Walker led Miami to three victories in the same bowl venue.  At what bowl did Walker play three times? The Tangerine Bowl.
Who was the first college player ever to win back-to-back National Defensive Player of the Year Awards? Pat Fitzgerald.
NU's Spirit Team (the two person pep squad that stands in front of the band) is known for its wacky, badge spangled hats.  From what material are the hats made?
 A. Cotton
 B. Nerf
 C. Swatches of previous band uniforms
 D. Hemp
 E. A portion of the 1936 Big Ten championship banner
 F. Astroturf
 G. 100% pure Brent Musburger
 H. Kevlar
 I. No one knows: their oily, resinous fabrics are unclassifiable and not found in nature.
D. Hemp [!]
Who holds the NU career record for QB sacks? Casey Dailey.
What legendary footballer played his final game ever on November 20, 1920 at old Northwestern Field against NU?  He played only briefly in the game, but his passing led to two touchdowns against the Purple. George Gipp.  The legendary Gipper suffered from pneumonia, and died two weeks after the NU-N*tre Dame match.
Two former Wildcat players were the first-ever selections of their respective, brand-new professional football teams. Name them. Otto Graham was the first player chosen by the new Cleveland Browns in 1945, and Ron Burton was the Boston Patriots' very first selection in 1959.
What word was emblazoned on the side of the 'Cats' helmets during the 1980 season only? Cats.
Illinois is not the only school with whom NU has shared a football trophy.  What other school did NU fight for a (now defunct) prized object? Notre Dame.  In 1930, the president of Ireland presented a shillelagh to Knute Rockne.  Rockne proposed that it become a trophy for the (then) annual NU-ND game.  The trophy was placed in competition for the first time in 1930, a game that decided the national championship.
NU and Illinois played for a trophy even before the Sweet Sioux.  What was the original prized object between the schools? An ancient fire bell.
What is the greatest number of seasons in a row that NU has taken the Sweet Sioux Trophy? Four (1947-'50). [Note: after the answer posted in 2000, NU tied this record by taking the trophy from 2003 through 2006.]
Before the Sweet Sioux Trophy was a tomahawk, it was represented by what object? Sweet Sioux was originally a six and a half foot tall oak statue of an Arapahoe Indian, carved in the early 1840's.  It was given as a trophy in 1945.  The following season it was replaced with the Tomahawk.
Who won the very first Marcel Price Award? Rodney Ray.
During which seasons did NU's jerseys feature the "Big Six" patch, a tribute to Marcel Price?  1995-98.
How many of the five most recent NU head coaches were previously assistant coaches at NU? Three (Rick Venturi, Francis Peay, and Randy Walker). [Note: Fitzgerald joined this list in  2006.]
How many points were scored in the 1893 NU-Illinois 0-0 tie game? The game, part of  Chicago's Columbian Exposition, was officially declared a 0-0 tie in which there were 22 points scored.  The game was called because of darkness and the score reverted to the halftime score as was the custom in the 1890's.
Darnell Autry re-wrote most of NU's rushing records during his 1994-96 reign.  One record he did not manage to break was the single-game record for net yards rushing.  Who still holds it? Amercian Gladiator Mike Adamle (316 vs. Wisconsin, 1969).
For the 1981 Michigan State game, students printed and distributed buttons on campus which bore a slogan.  What was this rhyming four-word slogan? "Stop State at 28."  NU had a 28 game losing streak, tying  the NCAA record.  MSU edged NU 61-14, giving NU the record and the nadir of its Dark Ages.
Midwest covers of TV Guide featured a photo of Gary Barnett and Darnell Autry during the week of the 1996 Rose Bowl.  Who appeared on the cover of TV Guide during the week of the 1997 Rose Bowl? No Buckeyes: Barnett and Pat Fitzgerald, bound for the Citrus Bowl, appeared on the cover.
Who is NU's most recent entry into the College Football Hall of Fame? Alex Sarkisian, NU center 1946-48, was enshrined in 1999.
In 1999 Damien Anderson rushed for 1,128 yards and became the fourth Wildcat in the last five seasons to rush for at least 1,000 yards in a single season.  How many players have achieved this feat throughout NU's history?  Only seven: Mike Adamle, Greg Boykin, Bryon Sanders, Bob Christian, Darnell Autry, Adrian Autry, and Damien Anderson. [Note: a lot more have joined since 1999!]

Earlier questions, posted on the Sportsonly.com site:
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In 1995 NU out-rushed its opponents a total of 2045 to 1536 net yards, primarily because of Darnell Autry (1785 n.y.). Which of NU's opponents in '95 beat the 'Cats in net yards rushing (hint: NU was out-rushed in three games)? Notre D*me, Michigan, and Iowa.
During the 1995 Notre D*me game, the television announcers for the "Notre D*me Broadcast Company" used a certain word, or variant thereof, no fewer than 17 times to describe the game. What was this beaten-to-death word?  "Shocking."
According to Gary Barnett, "At our first team meeting [of 1995] I presented our schedule board, as I do every year. I drew special attention to the first team on the list we had to beat:. . . "  Who was the team?  "...Northwestern. We were first on the list because we hadn't been able to overcome ourselves in the past." (High Hopes, p 140)
When was the last year that the 'Cats won all of  their non-conference regular season games? 1963.
NU started using the "Wildcats" nickname in 1924. Previously the team was called "The Purple."  However, for a short time during the 1923 season, the team had a different nickname and a live animal mascot (I thought there was some federal rule that only southern schools could have live animal 
mascots…).  What was this nickname?
During the 1923 season, Evanston, Illinois, was the home of the Northwestern Bears.
In its series with the following teams, against whom is NU undefeated? 
A. Kansas State
B. Kentucky
C. Navy
D. Northern Illinois
E. Texas 
All of them.
What was the length of NU's longest successful field goal? 54 yards (Nick Mirkopulos vs AZ, 1975).
In what year was football first played at NU (ever-- could be intercollegiate, intramural, against a high school, etc.), and whom did NU play?  1876. Although NU played its first intercollegiate game in 1882, NU had played intramural football since 1879. The very first game on campus, though, was in February 1876, against an amateur team nicknamed "Old Rugby."