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Links to NU Football Video Highlights

By going to and searching for "Northwestern Football" you can find a lot of great video clips of the Wildcats in action.  NU fan NUBears provided the bulk of these videos, having created highlight clips from some of NU's classic games from 1995 and 2000, and many games from 2005 to the present.  In November 2008 NU's Archives also began posting football clips, from some of the earliest existing film of the 'Cats in action.

Both of these sources have their own Web sites:
In addition to NUBears, jmjfjm has begun to upload some classic video from NU's greates games.

In the table below I have taken the YouTube videos (and videos from a couple of sites other than YouTube) from the Archives, NUBears, jmjfjm and a few others and have listed the links to selected NU games in order of the date the games were played.