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The following is a list of NU football fan sites which are no longer on the Internet.
Northwestern Wildcats Football WebSite (mid 1995 - May 2002) -- Jim Jackson's fan site was a groundbreaking resource, with news, graphics, and commentary.  Jackson began the site in 1995 and continued updating it until the 2000 season.  It stayed on the Web nearly two more years.

Fans can see an archived version of Jim Jackson's site from the Wayback Machine Web Archiving Project.
Wildcat Den (mid 1995 - 1996?) -- Along with the pages by Jim Jackson, Chris Chen, and Brad Kaiser, the Wildcat Den was one of the four original NU fan pages, and one of the first to be presented with graphics.  There is no known on-line archive of the Wildcat Den.
cjc's Unofficial Northwestern Wildcats Football Site (mid 1995 - Sept. 2005) --  Chris Chen's site featured  news, schedules, team info, Web articles, and more.  His site began as a student page on Northwestern's pubweb before being moved into private space.  cjc's last real update came in October 2000, after which it remained on the Web, but was dormant.  In September 2002 the site switched URL addresses again, but remained inactive.  Finally in September 2005 cjc's site, the last remaining of the four "original fan sites," dropped from the Internet.

Fans can see an archived version of cjc's site from the Wayback Machine Web Archiving Project.
Unofficial Northwestern Recruiting Site (1996 - May 2004) -- Site by Brad Kaiser.  Featured thorough analysis of NU football recruiting.  Updated regularly from 1996 until 1999.  Dormant from February 1999 until early May 2004.

Fans can see an archived version of Brad Kaiser's site from the Wayback Machine Web Archiving Project.
Wildcat Zone (late 1996-early 1998) -- Another early fan site which has slipped the surly bonds of the Web.  There is no on-line archive of the Wildcat Zone.
Far East Wildcat's Northwestern Football Page (mid 1998 - March 2005) -- This was the most famous NU football fan site.  Far East Wildcat began his fan page in Singapore in 1998.  Nearly two years later, he moved to Tokyo and created the URL 

As his site grew, so did its following.  FEW was responsible for one of the largest bowl parties in school history, the Wildcat Roundup, prior to 2000's Alamo Bowl.  His site was mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times, and in 2001 the Daily Northwestern ran an article featuring FEW and his site.  His page also introduced fans to "The Waterboy," a former NU football player whose funny and occasionally biting commentary appeared on throughout the season.

Fans can see an archived version of from the Wayback Machine Web Archiving Project.

Cats Corner (2000 - 2009) -- Stephen J. Truog's site, with eyewitness game summaries and articles, national rankings, weekly picks, and a look at the Big Ten's recent history.  He began his NU section in mid-2000.  It was last updated at the end of the 2004 season and remained on the Web until the end of 2009.

Fans can see an archived version of Cats Corner.
The Gus Bus (2002 - 2008) -- Coming online prior to the 2002 season, Carl Gustafson's page featured a look at all of NU's opponents, as well as game predictions and analysis.  Last updated in 2007.

Fans can see an archived version of The Gus Bus.
Jonathan Michael Hawkins: Go 'Cats (2002 - 2005) -- Part of his site, "..the new web experience..," Jonathan Michael Hawkins expanded his NU page prior to the 2003 season to include a blog-style opinion section and more.  This was probably the first NU fan site in blog format.  Last updated after the '03 season, and removed from the Web just before the '05 season.

Fans can see an archived version of Jonathan Michael Hawkins' site. (2004 - 2007) -- Jonathan Hodges began his blog in summer 2004 and provided commentary and analysis of several topics, including NU sports.  His site went offline in spring 2007. From 2007 until 2012 Jonathan continued his commentary directly on

Fans can see a partial archive of on the Wayback Machine.
The Turk Report (2005 - 2011) -- Readers of the NU message boards are familiar with Turk and his post-game reports, player reviews, and recruiting analysis.  He began his own fan site in February 2005.  In August 2009 Turk moved to a new site; both soon became inactive.  The Turk Report finally slipped off the Internet in 2011.

Fans can see an archived version of The Turk Report.
Lake The Posts (2007 - 2022)-- Jay Sharman's NU football blog Lake The Posts began in June 2007.  This wide-reaching blog was the main unofficial NU site for seven years. It featured daily updates, including a wealth of informed and content-rich commentary and analysis. Philip Rossman-Reich, from the Rise Northwestern blog, joined LTP's writing staff in August 2011.

LTP had a keen eye focused on Wildcat marketing.  A media company CEO, he offered a slew of great suggestions for improving the athletic department's marketing efforts.

The site ceased daily updates in January 2015, and Sharman kept the site online for several more years as an archive. It dropped off the internet at some point in the fall of 2022.

Fans can see an archived version of Lake The Posts.
Black and Purple (2008 - 2016) -- Created by a Northwestern alumnus, Black and Purple was a Weblog devoted to opinion about NU sports, with a focus on football and basketball.  B&P was a fan of NU and Indiana.  Iowa? Not so much. Last updated January 2014.

Fans can see an archived version of B&P.
Spread Far the Fame (2009 - 2012) -- SFTF was a blog that featured commentay on NU athletics and Wildcat football in particular.  In June 2010 SFTF shed its independent status and became part of the Chicago Now site network, representing NU among Chicago Now's roster of sports fan blogs.  It was last updated May 2012 and was dropped by early 2013.

Fans can see an archived version of Spread Far the fame.
Sippin' On Purple (2009 - 2014) -- Begun in June 2009 as a student-run blog called "The Purple Drank," Rodger Sherman's wonderful blog Sippin' On Purple began as an independent site, then joined with the SB*Nation network. In 2014, the previously-independent fan blog Inside NU also joined SB*Nation. Sippin' then became a part of Inside NU.

Fans can see an archived version of Sippin' when it was still a stand-alone site
Rise Northwestern (2010 - 2011) -- Carrying on the fine tradition of using a lyric from one of NU's school songs as the title of his site, Philip Rossman-Reich began Rise Northwestern in July 2010.  Rise Northwestern was short-lived, but very well-written.  With Rossman-Reich's departure for LTP, his blog became inactive.

Fans can see an archived version of Rise Northwestern.
Northwestern All The Time (2012 - 2013) -- A fan site by Stephen Mattes, first posted during the summer of 2012. NATT included football and basketball commentary, as well as Stephen's picks for each game during the season.

Fans can see an archived fragment of Northwestern All The Time.