HTP's Suggested Uniform
for the 2018 NU - Notre Dame Game

The return of the Fighting Irish to Evanston is still a year away, but it's not too early to plan for NU's uniform. While a case can be made to use the team's standard uniform, this game seems like a good time to make a statement, reinforcing NU's claim to be Chicago's Team.

It would also be a great time to bring back the team's excellent Gothic unis, which haven't been worn by the football team since 2015.

Northwestern / Chicago - Gothic

Suggested Helmet

The suggested helmet would be black, with a faint pattern of brickwork and ivy, similar to the sleeves of the 2014-2015 gothic jersey.

The helmet would not have a stripe, nor would it have the Weber Arch design on the back that the 2014-2015 gothic helmets had. Instead, it would have a modified version of the irregular hexagram star featured on the Chicago flag, on both sides. The decal would be metallic and lenticular, shifting color between purple and gold:

Suggested Jersey

The jersey would be nearly identical to the 2015 gothic jersey, with two key changes: the "N" logo on the sleeve would be dropped, as would the player name on the back (NOTB). Instead of the NOTB, the uniform would have four of the modified Chicago flag stars:

The uniform would bring in to play the gothic Northwestern elements and, for the first time, Chicago symbolism as a major part of the uniform. As a once in a blue moon uniform, it would provide a strong reminder of NU's history and tie to the city.

Northwestern / Chicago - Purple Helmet

Another possibility would be to use NU's standard purple jersey and pants, and only modify the purple helmet, using the Chicago star only on one side: