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Example of Northwestern Football 2009 Ads

NU 2009 Media Print Ad, Sports Illustrated

In 2009 NU continued its marketing strategy with Sports Illustrated by again purchasing full-page creative in the S.I. College Football Preview Issue.  The 2009 ad appears on page 49 of the Midwest/Plains regional edition, the page right before the beginning of the football preview section.  It is the only such ad in the magazine.

As it has since 2007, the marketing department has wisely made Coach Fitzgerald the centerpiece of its message.  However, there are two new aspects to the '09 marketing approach.  First, NU is building on the popularity (primarily among potential recruits) of social networking sites by featuring Facebook and Twitter links.  Second, the fan experience, and particularly fan participation, is given greater emphasis.

The following image is a scaled-down version of the print copy.