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Northwestern announced on September 22 that the Pat and Shirley Ryan Family has donated $480 million additional dollars to conclude NU's We Will fundraising campaign. It is the largest single donation in the history of the university.

Much of the donation is earmarked for biomedical, economic, and business research. However, a portion will go to restarting the school's effort to upgrade the Ryan Field facilities. Originally slated for 2014, renovations to the field were tabled so that the school could address Welsh-Ryan Arena and the new football training facility on the lakeshore. According to the school, the 2021 Ryan donation is the lead gift for Ryan Field's transformation, which will provide "an enhanced gameday experience." Much of the renovation will focus on Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and environmental factors.

The rebuilding sounds like it will go much further than a renovation similar to 1997. This appears to be a full rebuilding, with either only a few components of the existing structure spared (such as the towers) or a reconstruction totally from scratch. All plans for such a rebuilding point to a more modern structure with a smaller seating capacity-- likely around 40K, as opposed to the current 47K.

According to Lake the Posts, plans for the new stadium are much further along than the NU statement indicates. LTP states that he has heard that construction should begin in 2022, continue through 2023, with a new stadium open in 2024. However, more recent indications are that NU will play at Ryan in 2022 and construction will take place in 2023 and '24.

The full statement from NU can be read here...

The school's new page for the renovations:

As plans for the rebuilt stadium are released to the public, HTP will recap them here. As of fall 2021, there are no public plans.

Venue Name: Unknown; possibly it will still be called Ryan Field
Dates Used: Possible opening date in 2025
First Game: Possibly Sept. 6, 2025 vs. Purdue
NU Record at New Ryan Field:
Largest Crowd: Capacity is unknown. Likely smaller than the current Ryan Field-- possibly 40K.
Highlight Game(s): n/a