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Northwestern Off-Campus Home Game Venues #1:

Venue Name: Wrigley Field (Cubs Park initially)
NU Record (As Home Team): 0-3
NU Record (Other Games at Wrigley):
List of Home Games at Venue:
  • Oct. 27, 1923: Illinois 29 - NU 0 (sold out game)
  • Nov. 20, 2010: Illinois 48 - NU 27 (sold out game)
  • Nov. 20, 2021: Purdue 32 - NU 14

With Ryan Field facing demolition, it is possible that Wrigley Field and Soldier Field will become NU's homes away from home for the next few seasons. Stay tuned for more details about possible upcoming games at Wrigley.


The first two NU home games played at Wrigley Field were losses to Illinois.  The first NU home game played at Wrigley Field (at the time called Cubs Park) was a 29-0 loss to the Illini on Oct. 27, 1923.  Attendance was over 32,000, a sellout.

Illini great Red Grange can be seen crossing over the goal line
for a touchdown vs. NU, in a photo taken Oct. 27, 1923, at Wrigley Field.

Home football program from the first time NU hosted
Illinois at Wrigley Field (Cubs Park)


The 'Cats again hosted Illinois at Wrigley Field on November 20, 2010. 

The iconic Wrigley Field sign goes purple [Tribune Image]

Fans watch from the bleachers and rooftops [WSJ Image]

The game, a 48 to 27 Illinois blowout, made history because only one goal was used, due to the field dimensions. The NCAA allowed a one-time change to the rules, permitting only one direction for both teams.

The endzone that was to be unused; it still saw use during an NU defensive touchdown.
[K. Wessler Image]

In early 2013 Northwestern and the Cubs announced a major partnership deal that could result in at least five more NU football home games played at Wrigley Field in future seasons. The Cubs renovated the stadium, adding
seating sections that can be moved to allow for the proper dimensions for a modern college football venue.

Evanston, apparently concerned about the lost revenue to the city that could come from losing more home games, worked out a deal with the university that will limit Wrigley games to seasons with seven home games, so that six games will always be played at Ryan Field.  Additionally, only games that aren't "guaranteed sellouts" will be played at Wrigley, seemingly eliminating games with Ohio State or Michigan.

A scheduled game against Wisconsin on November 7, 2020 was scrubbed due to the pandemic. Instead, NU played the Badgers at Ryan Field on November 21, with no fans in attendance.


What had been called the Allstate Wrigleyville Classic is now officially the Wildcats Classic at Wrigley Field. NU and the Cubs have arrangements for Northwestern to host several games at the baseball stadium during the next decade. First up under the new arrangement: NU hosted Purdue on November 20, 2021.

The photo above, taken a couple of weeks before the 2021 Purdue game, shows the reconfigured seating arrangement. The "Wildcats" endzone now has sufficient room to be used properly.

[NU Sports Image]

The 2021 event, a 32-14 Purdue win, was an overall success for the NU-Wrigley arrangement. Attendance was 31,500-- strong, considering NU's record at the time, but not sold out.