GoUPurple2.0 and the ESPN Dream Seats...

Not only did my son Sam and I get to enjoy watching the thrilling comeback against Minnesota at Homecoming last week, we did so from "The Best Seats in the House."  Natalie Johnson, NU's coordinator for the ESPNZone Dream Seats contest, chose Sam to receive the two Dream Seat tickets for the Minnesota game as we were entering the stadium.  Apparently, Sam's Wildcat ears (which he picked up in Wildcat Alley) were the deciding factor.  That, and his fierce, very mean wildcat growl:

Apparently, NU selects a fan (and a guest) about a half hour before kickoff, from among those coming into the west stands.  After Sam was selected, were were shown to the Wildcat Den, and then to the "Dream Seats," two leather recliners on a little platform at the south end of the Wildcat Den.

This is my 20th season coming to Dyche Stadium / Ryan Field to watch football, and I have to say that this just might be the coolest gameday experience I've ever had. 

Posing before kickoff.

M&Ms, a recliner, and Wildcat football.  Rock on...

Watching NUMB from the Den.

Let me get this straight: the 'Cats are down 21 points, I'm sobbing hysterically,
and I'm being calmed down and lectured by a three-year old on why Northwestern can't possibly lose.