It was 145 years ago this week, on Tuesday, February 22, 1876, that students from Northwestern University took to the school's athletic field to play a game of American football against the Chicago Foot-Ball Club. Chicago won that afternoon game, three touchdowns and three goals to nothing, giving Northwestern the distinction as the first midwestern university to have played a full game of football.

The teams had originally intended to play the game in Chicago, at the old Chicago White Stockings (Chicago Cubs) athletic grounds. However, they eventually decided to play in Evanston. The area where the teams played was a field located a few yards north of the present-day Deering Meadow.

While Northwestern will not be observing the anniversary this year, HTP has decided to commemorate the occasion by presenting this mock-up of the first game's program. The game did not actually feature a souvenir program (although it did feature a band and nearly 200 fans), but we thought it would be fun to create a program similar to programs from 1875 and 1876. This mock-up is based on a blend of the Harvard-Yale programs from their 1875 and 1876 games, as well as the one known Chicago Foot-Ball Club program, from the club's summer 1876 field day in downtown Chicago.

Congratulations to NU football, the oldest (football) game in town!