Video highlights of NU's Spring Scrimmage
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NU Concludes Spring Session with Scrimmage

by GoUPurple

An injury-free, defense-filled public scrimmage marked the end of Northwestern's 2010 spring practice period, and it sets the stage for the rest of the Wildcats' preseason, which will culminate with their Kenosha scrimmage on August 21.

Sandwiched between rain showers, the spring scrimmage featured both NU's quarterbacks, Dan Persa and Evan Watkins, as they showed off some nice passing (not all of which managed to be caught by NU's vast array of wideouts).  As with most spring sessions, the defense seemed a step ahead of the offense, and this should even out in the August session.

A few tidbits mentioned, or overheard, during the spring event:
  • NU has signed Fitz to an additional seven years.  The persona of Northwestern Football is solidly at the helm.
  • Adidas has not produced the final version of this fall's uniforms.  The prototypes we've seen on the Web so far are just that: prototypes.  Changes are still being made.
  • The running game was particularly difficult to judge, since Arby Fields is currently playing on the baseball team.

The Graham Wall now featues the Outback Bowl.

GoUPurple 2.0 poses with Willie.

Jim Phillips addresses the Wildcat faithful... does the Coach.

As Yoda might say, "with the 'Cats, stretch they did."

As the pep band plays, a cheerleader soars.

Is it just me, or does it look like Simmons is on the receiving end of "the glare"?

Practice is in full swing.

Concannon tries to break away.