Are Northwestern Stripes Returning?

by GoUPurple

Is Northwestern about to make the first major change to its uniform in seven years?  The fan blog speculated last week that NU might indeed make a change, and the site showed an illustration that might be the new unis.

Since SFTF posted its initial scoop, several HTP readers have also responded, stating that they, too have either heard about or seen the new duds.  The details in each of these reports are very consistent.

The new uniforms (which are reported not to be final: they are under consideration) apparently feature a purple jersey, and-- for the first time since November 1996-- they will have northwestern striping on the sleeve.  The uniform look that Northwestern popularized in 1928 became synonymous with the 'Cats and even became named after the school.  The rumored new jersey will drop the USC-style shoulder sections (which have been in use since 2003) and will drop the N-Cat logo (which NU developed in 1984, and which has been on the jersey, in some form, since 1995).  Reportedly, NU could go back to using purple pants for some games, but will also use black pants and white pants occasionally.  There are also reports that NU is considering a return to black jerseys, possibly for limited use in 2011. 

One possible version of the rumored new uniforms.

UPDATED: posted that it has confirmed NU is considering a uni change for 2010.

Other mock-ups of the reported 2010 uniform under consideration: