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Recently, a reader pointed out a great set of NU football images that were for sale on eBay.  The photos (some of which have copies in the NU Archives; others have not been seen before this) are mostly of the team and coaches during preseason practices, and most appear to come from the archives of the Chicago Daily News.  Here are several of those historic images.

NU head coach Dick Hanley poses in Dyche Stadium (note the north tower
in the background) during the 1932 preseason, as the 'Cats were preparing
to defend their back-to-back Big Ten titles
The source of this photo is unknown.

Roger Geier leaps for the ball during a media practice, June 1945.
Chicago Daily News

Also from June 1945: Art Korte, Al Licciardi, Ray Oldach, and Jim Farrar practice.
Chicago Daily News

During the June '45 session, NU coaching great Pappy Waldorf addresses the team.
Chicago Daily News

The Era of Ara is in full swing, and is about to explode in '59.
Chicago Daily News

Parseghian explains proper technique to (left to right) Fred Quinn,
Tom O'Grady, and Tom Myers.  It is spring practice, 1962.
Chicago Daily News

Technique and practice have paid off: here are Myers (still in #18), Quinn,
and O'Grady in August of '62.  Myers is weeks away from unleashing all hell.
Chicago Daily News

Also from August '62.  Myers preps his backfield: Bill Swingle, Larry Benz,
and Paul Flatley.  Myers and Flatley would have an electric season.
Chicago Daily News

Halfback Benz strikes the familiar pose.
Chicago Daily News

OK, this isn't a preseason or pregame photo: it is an image of NU's 1962 MVPs,
announced at a December '62 dinner sponsored by Lytton's (once a store in Evanston).
Left to right, Jack Cvercko, George Thomas, Edward Colby (manager of Lytton's, and
just happy to be there), and Tom Myers.
Chicago Daily News

Spring practice 1964, and Parseghian has left the building.  Coach Agase, Ara's
assistant, has assumed head coaching duties, and happily explains things to
Bob Tubbs, Dennis Booth, and Cas Banaszek.
Chicago Daily News

Spring practice '64 concludes with jubilation.
Chicago Daily News

The Master Now Opposes.
It is October 1965, and former head coach Ara Perseghian has a quiet pregame
meeting with his successor at NU, Alex Agase.  Parseghian had spent
the previous year and a half as Notre Dame's head coach, and the two are
about to meet on the field as rivals.
The source of this photo is unknown.