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Images from the 1970s

Occasionally eBay will host sales of original NU football photos.  Recently, a company dumped a huge number of negatives from NU games during the 1970s.

What follows is a selection of some of these photos up for auction.  They are likely from a newspaper archive; unfortunately, there is no indication of the source of the photos, nor of the photographers themselves.

1971 vs. Michigan.  Dyche Stadium
Michigan 21, NU 6

NU's '71 season opener

Defensive tackle Pat Kershaw, #60, keeps an eye on the ball.

Barry Pearson sprints for yards.

Wildcat great Maurie Daigneau unloads against Michigan.

Coach Agase (left) and his staff offer instruction from the sideline.

Randy Anderson battles for the ball.

1971 vs. Notre Dame.  Notre Dame Stadium
Notre Dame 50, NU 7

Daigneau prepares to pass.

1971 vs. Syracuse.  Dyche Stadium
NU 12, Syracuse 6

The Orangemen try to block that kick.

1971 vs. Wisconsin.  Dyche Stadium
NU 24, Wisconsin 11

Wildcat Mike Coughlin provides great coverage.

Al Robinson is off to the races.

1971 vs. Purdue.  Dyche Stadium
Purdue 21, NU 20

Marty McGann punts the ball.

1971 vs. Illinois.  Memorial Stadium
Illinois 24, NU 7

Linebacker Jack Derning tries to block the Illini punt.

1971 vs. Minnesota.  Dyche Stadium
NU 41, Minnesota 20

NUMB belts it out.

Anderson breaks free...

...and dives for more.

1971 vs. Michigan State.  Dyche Stadium
NU 28, MSU 7

As Daigneau looks on, Anderson struggles to gain ground.

Jack Derning pulls in an interception.

1972 vs. Wisconsin.  Camp Randall Stadium
Wisconsin 21, NU 14

Doug Belko wraps up the ball carrier.

Badger QB Rudy Steiner tries to evade NU defenders Frank Bliss and Bob Mason.

1972 vs. Iowa.  Dyche Stadium
Iowa 23, NU 12

Greg Boykin lunges for a low ball.

Willie in the early '70s: a giant head on a football-uniformed body.  One of the
NU cheerleaders reveals concern.

Steve Craig looks determined to continue.

Win or lose, NU's tailgates were rockin'.

1972 vs. Indiana.  Dyche Stadium
NU 23, Indiana 14

The genesis of the NUMBAlums!
The 1972 homecoming game against Indiana was one of the first (if not the first) appearances
by the NUMBAlums.

Either the NUMBAlum dress code had not yet become relaxed,
or the group's original name was "The Flashers."

Next and Current:
During pre-game warmups, Indiana coach John Pont and NU coach Alex Agase chat.
Pont would succeed Agase at NU the following fall.

1972 vs. Ohio State.  Dyche Stadium
OSU 27, NU 14

Jim Lash carries against the buckeyes.

QB Mitch Anderson on a reverse.

1973 vs. Michigan State.  Dyche Stadium
NU 14, MSU 10

1973 vs. Pittsburgh.  Dyche Stadium
Pitt 21, NU 14

"Woah!  That's not our Willie!"  The Pitt mascot makes
off with an NU cheerleader.

NUMB soldiers on.

1973 vs. Ohio U.  Dyche Stadium
Ohio 14, NU 12

"One of the cheerleaders is missing.  You're sure you haven't seen her?"

1973 vs. Minnesota.  Dyche Stadium
Minnesota 52, NU 43

This game would set a Big Ten record for the highest losing score,
a record that would stand for over 20 years.

Stan Key fights for additional yards.

1973 vs. Illinois.  Dyche Stadium
NU 9, Illinois 6

Key breaks loose again.

1974 vs. Oregon.  Dyche Stadium
NU 14, Oregon 10

"No, seriously: we're short four cheerleaders now.  You're sure you don't know anything about this?"

Before he was also NU's quarterback, Randy Dean was the team's punter.

Dean punts it away.

Defensive back Doug Baske chases down the receiver.

1974 vs. Ohio State.  Dyche Stadium
OSU 55, NU 7

Woody helpfully points out to his players in which direction they should be trying to move.

On the Dyche sidelines, Brutus the B-- wait, what the #!&% is that?!?
Merciful Lord, kill that with fire.

The gift of flight, while impressive, won't stop the Buckeye onslaught.
Mark Harlow tries anyway.

"What?  No, those are vicious rumors!  The other cheerleaders are fine!
Now snuggle up closer."

1974 vs. Indiana.  Dyche Stadium
NU 24, Indiana 22

Jim Trimble takes the ball from Mitch Anderson.

1975 vs. Iowa.  Dyche Stadium
Iowa 24, NU 21

1977 vs. Purdue.  Dyche Stadium
Purdue 28, NU 16

Changing times: the Wildcats' "Ball-Person," as hastily noted with magic marker.

1970s Willie, meet your match in creepy: papier-mâché Pete.

1977 vs. Illinois.  Dyche Stadium
NU 21, Illinois 7

The 'Cats win their 1977 season finale, their only win of the year.
John Pont wipes away a tear as his head coaching career concludes.