Holiday Bowl Pix Page


Photo Gallery:
The 2018 Holiday Bowl--
The Third Quarter
as seen by Alaskanwildcat

Below are selected photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the amazing third quarter of the Holiday Bowl.  As always, many thanks to Alaska for his great photos!


And so it begins.

The Catch, part one.

...and part two.

Anatomy of a defensive masterpiece, #1: as Utah tries to hand off,
its offensive line has already broken down.

#2: Wildcats swarm and devour the ball carrier.

#3: If you love something, set it free.

#4: Scoop...

#5: ...and score!

Superbacks, the most unexpectedly graceful and flight-worthy
of all feline species.

Thorson prepares to deliver one of his last strikes as a 'Cat.

The hits keep on coming.


One more score, tying a Holiday Bowl record.

The third quarter is in the books, one of the greatest 15-minute sets
in NU football history.