Cal '13 Pix Page


Photo Gallery:
The 2013 Cal Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat

Below are selected photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2013 Cal game, a 44-30 Wildcat victory.  As always, many thanks to Alaska for his great photos!

NAA's tailgate

Dr. Phillips with his posse

Phillips, as seen on the tailgate's big screen

Fitz readies the team

Colter carries at the beginning of the first quarter

Siemian readies a throw to Vitale

Mark moves for a gap

The Bears, on the move

The coach confers with the officials...

...and with Colter, as President Schapiro paces nearby

Mark takes another carry

Option play

The Wildcat defense steps up

Nearing midfield

Pick Six, Part One: Ellis snags the ball

Part Two: Breakaway

Part Three: Points made

White pulls down the carrier on third down

Fire up, 'Cats!

Vitale catches...

...and keeps on truckin'

The banners fly in front of an impressively large group of 'Cat fans

Ellis with the pick six remix, delighting the Wildcat fans

Green streaks toward the goal; thousands of NU fans signal touchdown


Wide open

Siemian surprises with a run

As a phalanx of determined-looking cheerleaders look on, Siemian unloads