MSU 2006 Pix Page 2


Photo Gallery:
The 2006 MSU Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat
**Page Two**

Below are several photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2006 game with Michigan State.

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The ball (seen between the defenders' hands) sails toward the uprights.

The NU defense comes up with a nice play (and the ball).

The Ryan Field crowd anticipates the halftime homecoming show.

NUMB and the NUMBAlums perform at halftime.

NUMB and the NUMBAlums close with "Go U Northwestern.".

The Omen: Air Willie slouches toward the end zone in the third quarter.

Nick Roach leaves the Wildcat field for the final time.

Coach Fitzgerald instructs Sherrick McManis and tries to help the spirits of his young team.

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