Illinois 2005 Pix Page


Photo Gallery:
The 2005 Illinois Game
as seen by Alaskanwildcat

Below are several photos taken by Alaskanwildcat of the 2005 match with the Illini.

The team huddles before kickoff.

Basanez readies to launch a strike.

Another pass, this time about to be scooped up by Philmore.

Basanez pitches to Sutton, and a clear lane to orange turf awaits.

Fastball!  Hamlett breaks free...

...and scores.

Basanez runs wild, and NU heads to the Sun Bowl.

'Cat fans pose after the game.
L to R: MizzouCat, Alaskanwildcat, Francis Herbert, and Alan Smithee.

Cheerleaders and the new-look Willie.

Fans continue to celebrate in the lot.
L to R: MizzouCat, MidvaleDave, Steven Horton, Alan Smithee, and DrillCat.

The tailgate ends on a sour note, as something has obviously
angered MizzouCat, MidvaleDave, and Allan Smithee.  DrillCat
weeps silently, at right.