2003 Photos Page


Photo Gallery:
The 2003 Season,
as seen by ZooCat and ConradCat

Below are photos from select games during the 2003 season.  Except where noted, all images are original and exclusive photos taken and generously sent in by ZooCat and ConradCat.  Thanks guys!

The images are thumbnails.  Clicking on an image will create a new window and generate a much larger version of the image in the new window.  Before clicking on a thumbnail, please note the size of the full image (given with each picture), since some of these images are over 500 KB!  Many of these images have been resized to 1024 x 768 pixels, and are ideal for computer wallpaper.

NU at Kansas
August 30, 2003
NU 28 - KU 20
(All six photos are smaller sized, and
all six are courtesy of Alaskanwildcat)

"As the 'Cats took the field, the marching band refused to yield..." (106K)

Basanez hands off to Wright (82K)

NU's D. squares off against the 'Hawks (79K)

Wright (far left) scores (65K)

The defense comes up with a stop (72K)

NU powers to the goal (70K)

NU vs. Air Force
September 6, 2003
Air Force 22 - NU 21

The 'Cats take on the Falcons (397K)

It's mascot mayhem! (307K)

The D makes a stop (222K)

NU in all purple for the first time 12 years (334K)

An area high school band takes plays at halftime (497K)

The offense rolls with Baz and Wright (478K)

The Air Force offense collapses (444K)

Streaking toward a first down (484K)

Basanez readies to take the snap (493K)

The Wildcats take to the air (494K)

Wright runs as Basanez and Walker look on (421K)

NU vs. Miami (OH)
September 13, 2003
Miami 44 - NU 14

The offense recovers a fumble (437K)

A quick toss for short gain (380K)

Larscheid watches the kick (400K)

The ball is in mid air after a Webb pass (428K)

Webb is taken down after a pass (374K)

Larscheid about to kick (402K)

Webb with a keeper (393K)

Basanez escapes with the ball (396K)

Wright finds a hole, and a TD (382K)

NU vs. Penn State
November 8, 2003
NU 17 - Penn St. 7

Mills pitches as Howard streaks to the play (418K)

The Lions are wrapped up and locked down (365K)

The defense prepares for a crucial stop (483K)

Noah Herron finds an alley (384K)

The 'Cats cough up an 'air ball. (408K)

The O. streaks through a handoff, as Strief blocks (383K)