2001 - 2002
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Photo Gallery:
The 2001-2002 Seasons,
as seen by ZooCat and ConradCat

Below are photos from select home games during the 2001 and 2002 seasons.  Except where noted, all images are original and exclusive photos taken and generously sent in by ZooCat and ConradCat.  Thanks guys!

The images are thumbnails.  Clicking on an image will create a new window and generate a larger version of the image in the new window.  Before clicking on a thumbnail, please note the size of the full image (given with each picture), since some of these images are large.  Many of these images have been resized to 1024 x 768 pixels, and are ideal for computer wallpaper.

NU vs. Michigan State
September 27, 2001
"Instant Classic II"

NU 27 - MSU 26

9/11 Tribute: The Great Lakes Band (335K)

Firemen and police escort the Flag to the field (335K)

Zak fakes to Damien (234K)

...Another Zak keeper (250K)

Protect that pocket! (293K)

Kustok weighs his options as Walker observes... (303K)

And, finally, Zak unloads Victory Right II to set up the game winning kick! (238K)

NU vs. Minnesota
October 13, 2001
NU 23 - Minn. 17

A tale of two shirts... (209K)

A classic photo by ZooCat: We Believe in NU! (169K)

A fight for inches... (205K)

... in the driving rain (224K)

NU vs. Penn St.
October 20, 2001
Penn St. 38 - NU 35

Block or receive, Damien's in position (Caution: this image is very large: 667K)

Touchdown Wildcats! (182K)

J.J.'s punt soars overhead (237K)

C'mon D! (276K)

Jo Pa, about to tie the record (125K) (Photo by BeaverCat)

From the 50 yard line, NUMB performs (176K) (Photo by BeaverCat)

A closer shot of NUMB (235K) (Photo by BeaverCat)

NU vs. Bowling Green
November 17, 2001
BGSU 43 - NU 42

Kustok lights up the field during his record-setting day (224K)

Air Willie, and the rest of the 'Cats, find the Bugs troublesome (156K)

NU vs. TCU
September 7, 2002
TCU 48 - NU 24

The 'Cats gear up to take the field (312K)

Basanez to Patrick (501K)

Another ZooCat / ConradCat Classic: Alexander Webb streaks into action, as Jason Wright is captured in a mid-air block! (456K)

NU rumbles for a decent gain on 1st down (519K)

With Wright and Strief protecting him, Basanez gains battlefield experience (308K)

NU vs. Duke
September 14, 2002
NU 26 - Duke 21

Will the D-line break through? (smaller photo, 71K) (photo by Alaskanwildcat) 

Duke to fumble in T-minus three seconds... (470K)

Basanez (hidden) punches it in! (412K)

NU vs. Ohio St.
October 5, 2002
OSU 27 - NU 16

An "action" photo, as
NU gains precious yards (379K) 

Clarett fumbles again! (404K)

NU vs. Illinois
November 23, 2002
Illinois 31 - NU 24
(All three photos are smaller sized, and
all three are courtesy of Alaskanwildcat)

NU during one of its several appearances in the Illini redzone (79K)

As Jordan looks on, Basanez unloads (109K)

Walker and troops regroup (78K)