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Photo Gallery:
The 2000 Season

Below are photos from the 2000 Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, and Illinois games.  Except where noted, all images are original photos taken and generously donated by ZooCat and ConradCat.  Thanks guys!

The images are thumbnails.  Clicking on an image will create a new window and generate a much larger version of the image in the new window.  The images have an average size of 200 KB.

NU at Michigan State
September 30, 2000
NU 37-MSU 17

NU puts in its first extra point.

Willie commandeers the flag.

The points start rolling up.

Indiana at NU
October 7, 2000
NU 52 - Ind. 33

Damien takes off after the hand off.

Snap to Randle-El (in the main photo, notice the Wildcat D-line, loaded for bear, and the body language of the Indy O-line).

Another hand off to Anderson (hint: run left!).

Purdue at NU
October 14, 2000
NU 28 - Pur. 41

Wildcats swarm before the game.

Who let the 'Cats out?  Who indeed....

Long makes the point.

NU's line maintains the pocket.

NUMB takes the field at halftime (note: the main image is very large-- 488 KB).

Holding?  Naaaaah....

Zak unloads to Teddy Johnson for the TD strike.

'Cats stop the run, as Brees and Walker watch.

Michigan at NU
"The Instant Classic"
November 4, 2000
NU 54 - Mich. 51

Huffman kicks off.

The hand off: D.A. begins the assault.

Zak changes the play and prepares to score.

Michigan players appear deeply, truly confused.

A classic shot: two teams regroup.

The Celebration begins.

Students start the goal post onslaught.
[Photo courtesy of vagcat]

Kustok is greeted and congratulated.
[Photo courtesy of vagcat]

Amused players take in the melee.
[Photo courtesy of vagcat]

Illinois at NU
"2000 Big Ten Champion Game"
November 18, 2000
NU 61 - Ill. 23

Zak takes charge as Damien protects the pocket.

Kustok completes the fake as D.A. bulls through.

More extra point craftwork by Long.

Somebody's a little upset, and somebody else wishes he hadn't put on an orange helmet.

ALL ABOARD!  Here comes the Evanston Express.

OK, can you spot the hole?  Damien found it rather quickly.

Zak makes a pitch to D.A.

The celebration of the 2000 title begins

Cats and newsmen, interviewing together!  It's pandemonium!

The statue has no Illinois helmet this time....