Dyche Stadium Pix


Photo Gallery:
Dyche Stadium's Renovation

In the summer of 1997, as Northwestern was renovating Dyche Stadium (the decision to rename the stadium had not yet been announced), I took several photos of the inside of the stadium and of the work on the new field. 

At that time, I had planned to post a new fan Website, and I was going to show the photos of the renovation on the site.  However, I tabled the idea, and nearly three years would pass before I ended up creating my NU fan site.  By then I had forgotten about these photos.  Recently, while cleaning out an old filing cabinet, I stumbled across the pictures for the first time since that summer.  Here they are.

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By the time I took these photos, NU had already dug nearly five feet past
the level of the old playing surface and was beginning to shape the new surface.

Most of the south and east stands had been replaced,
but NU was still ripping out the old west stands.

A view of the new east stands and of the newly-built facility in the north end zone.

The brand new press box, taking shape.

A detail from the photo above, showing the old Big Ten and NU logos still on display
on the Dyche Stadium overhang.

The same view of the press box, taken a couple of weeks later.
Construction tarps now drape the stadium overhang.

Work continues on the field and on the new west stands.

For the first time since 1972, Dyche Stadium had natural grass.
Workers begin to install the sod.

Looming over Dyche Stadium, one of the west towers gets its facelift.