Wildcats in 3-D Page


Here, for your viewing enjoyment, are ten photographs taken during NU football games.  HailToPurple.com has converted these photos into three-dimensional images, adding depth of field to each photograph.

In order to view properly the three-dimensional effects, you will have to do the following:
  • Click on a thumbnail image shown below.  This will open up a new window that contains the full 3-D image.
  • You must wear standard 3-D glasses to get the full effect!  Gray, polarized, 3-D glasses will not work.  You will need a pair of the old-style paper glasses with a red left lens and a blue right lens.  Novelty and some science supply stores sell these glasses for about a dollar a pair.  There are also many Internet sites that sell them.
  • Sit about three feet away from your screen when viewing.  If you use a high resolution color printer, hard copies of the images will also feature the effect.

Air Willie (seated in second row, third from right) demonstrates the proper way
to view the Wildcats in 3-D Page.    Photo courtesy of Air Willie Estate.

So get your glasses, grab some popcorn, and have fun!

NEW: Four 3-D images from the 2004 win over Ohio State

'Cats win!  'Cats win!  (vs. OSU 2004) (original photo NU Sports)

Ryan Field prepares for the night game against Ohio State, 2004 (original photo O-Zone)

The 2004 Buckeye defense was shredded by the fierce 'Cat attack (original photo O-Zone)

Chaos reigns at Ryan Field as Wildcat fans celebrate NU's win over Ohio State, 2004 (original photo O-Zone)

NUMB performs at halftime, NU vs. Penn St., 2001 (original photo courtesy of Beaver Cat)

The classic 1949 Rose Bowl photo of an NU interception, rendered in 3-D (original photo NU Archives)

Ryan Field on game day, NU vs. Purdue, 2002

Trai Essex closes in on a Badger, NU vs. Wisconsin, 2003 (original photo via AP)

Roger Jordan makes a leap for a pass, NU vs. Wisconsin, 2003 (original photo via AP)

Brett Basanez pitches out to Noah Herron, NU vs. Penn State, 2003 (original photo via AP)