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Congratulations!  You've navigated to the somewhat hard-to-find "Autumn in a Bottle" Page.  As mentioned on page one of the Fight Song section, there are several Web sites that offer "wav" file versions of Northwestern's fight songs.  NU's official athletic site links to three wav files (Go U Northwestern, Rise Northwestern, and the Alma Mater).  You can find NU's wav file page by visiting and selecting the "Traditions" page.

Unlike Midi files, which consist of simple computer code representing a song, a wav file is a digital recording of the music, with less detail (and accuracy) than a CD recording or a well-recorded mp3 file.   The three wav files that NU's official site offers are from the 1994 NU Marching Band CD, "Fire Up!"  The CD is still in print, and can be purchased from several NU retailers in Evanston.

What follows are two wav files of Go U Northwestern and the Alma Mater, recorded two decades earlier.  These tracks are from the NUMB album, "Autumn in a Bottle."  The record was recorded in 1976.

Along with NU's fight songs, "Autumn in a Bottle" featured songs of the day, including "I Write the Songs" and "The Way We Were."  The wav files below were recorded from an old LP copy of the album, and aren't of the highest quality.  However, the choice was this, or the alternative-- leave "Autumn in a Bottle" unopened.

Caution: These files are large, and will take a while to download if you use a phone connection.

Click here to download the 1976 version of "Go U Northwestern" (1.4 MB)

Click here to download the 1976 version of the Alma Mater (2.4 MB)