Nov. 27, 2020

The 'Cats served a 4th "Behind the Covid 8-ball” game

Although in-depth research in this subject is lacking on my part, I offer this question to the 2020 collegiate football fan…

Is there any other NCAA Division 1A/Power 5 football team that has been forced to play more 2020 scheduled games in which their current opponent has been proffered a "Covid Bye" on the prior weekend, or on multiple previous weekends, as often as the 'Cats? 

The "Covid Bye" game, whether postponed or "canceled" then changed to "no contest," was in direct play for the Wildcat's grapple on/against -

1.    Nov. 7 vs Nebraska 
("Covid Bye" on Oct. 31, vs _isconsin - Game "postponed"; "no contest" status unknown)

2.    Nov. 14 vs Purdue   
("Covid Bye" on Nov. 7 vs _isconsin - Game "canceled", changed to "no contest")

3.    Nov. 21 vs _isconsin   
("Covid Bye" on Oct. 31 vs Nebraska - Game "postponed")
- and -
("Covid Bye" on Nov. 7 vs Purdue - Game "canceled", changed to "no contest")

4.    Nov. 27 vs Michigan State 
("Covid Bye" on Nov. 21 vs Maryland - Game "canceled", changed to "no contest")

Now mind you... I read somewhere that “on or just after the start of scheduled 2020 B1G games” the B1G commissioner’s office made the executive decision that any Covid-related 2020 "canceled" game has been changed officially to "no contest" and is registered as such in 2020 B1G record books (e.g.: the game isn't considered a "loss, but, instead, is merely a "not played" thing).  Any B1G football program that has 3 "cancelled/no contest" games in the 2020 season is automatically declared "ineligible" to become a B1G Division Champion and, subsequently, disqualified from participating in the B1G Championship game to be held on Dec. 19th.  Consequently, the Wisky program currently stands, feet dangling, at the very edge of the "Ineligible" disqualification cliff.

Refer to:
Whatever the Covid decision points are and, at present, have been set in-place by the B1G commissioner's office; the fact remains that the 2020 Northwestern Wildcat football program is and has been at a decidedly significant disadvantage at having been forced to compete against 4 of its 6 B1G foes, after those opponents essentially have had one or more "Covid Bye" weeks given them - with 3 of those 4 bye weeks having been granted on the week immediately before the current game week.  To be sure, a "bye week" is a very valuable & consequential item to any football team, college or pro, especially in mid season.  It allows the "bye" team an extra 7 days to recover from injuries absorbed in previous games, to provided its individual players much needed mental & physical rest/recuperation time from the rigors of intense competition on the field pf play and, most importantly, to allow the "bye" coaching staff more ultra-critical time to analyze an opponent's field play tendencies and conceive a game plan to exploit whatever deficiencies or down-distance tendencies might be recognized and deemed important towards securing a "W." 

So, in a word, the current positive Covid-test dictated scheduling modifications, as established by B1G “Powers-That-Be” to the 'Cats' 2020 football season, absolutely "SUX" - and THEY SUK BIG TIME.  The simple fact remains that HC Pat Fitz’ current 'Cats have met every "Covid Bye" challenge thrown in their collective faces during the 2020 season - and secured a "W" in spite of those daunting challenges – and makes this 5-0 team all the more special and deserving of any/all support and recognition from we members of Wildcat Nation (both the card-carrying and casual fan alike) and the college football community at large.  No other B1G football program comes close to achieving what the 'Cats have done thus far in the 2020 season when dealing with the “Covid Bye” week - NO BODY.  Can these resilient and resourceful Wildcats continue their remarkable resolve & determination?  It's all a TBD. 

Next up the Wildcats is Moo U, whose 2020 B1G campaign fortunes have given the "East Lansing Animal Husbands" a virtual "W" via their regularly scheduled Nov. 21st bug-tussle with the Maryland Twerps having been declared a Covid-19 "no contest" and became the most recent B1G recipient of all the associated advantages which come with that "not played" game.  If ever there was a league-warranted “trap game” in the ‘Cats’ 2020 pigskin campaign, this is it.  

The Waterboy
“Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity”

The Waterboy is a former football player and a Northwestern alumnus.  Aside from these facts, he has no affiliation with Northwestern University.  The commentary he posts here is his own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of

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