Lowes Line


OSU Preview and Prediction

By MO'Cats

Matchup: THE Ohio State Buckeyes (6-0, 3-0) at Northwestern Wildcats (1-4, 0-3 Big Ten)
Date: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, October 18th, 2019, 7:30 pm CDT, Evanston, Illinois
TV: BTN (this is utter garbage, the game was moved to Friday night completely for the purpose to fulfill agreement with Fox.  However, given the rainout in NY last night, FS1 will be televising the Yankees final game of the season against the Astros, fingers crossed)

Line: Northwestern +28

Well, we have had nearly two weeks to digest the inedible.  The UNL-NU game was awful to watch and ended with a walk on kicking a field goal to end the game giving the Conhuskers a 13-10 win.  It was ugly and not worth much of a recap.  Smith started at QB (Hunter is a better quarterback with more athletic ability and more skills, do not argue this point.  You are wrong if you think Smith should start).  Bowser is hurt.  The offensive line is bad and our defense is good but not great.  Uggh

This week, Ohio State comes to town.  Yes I purposely left the the off just to annoy my dad and brother.  Ohio State is 6-0 and have humiliated teams like Nebraska, Michigan State, and Cincinnati (who is currently ranked).  They have yet to play a close game winning by 24, 42, 41, 71, 41 and 24.  They score points in bunches and Justin Fields may be the best quarterback to wear the Scarlet and Grey since Art Schlichter.  Their running backs include JK Dobbins (will play on Sundays), Master Teague III (seriously, not only is his first name Master but his father and grandfather also carried the same name) and a freshman named Steele Chambers (wow!).  The WR corps is fast and will be a huge problem for the Wildcat secondary.  Now, we get to the defense.  Chase Young is NOT NORMAL.  The guy is 6’5” and 265 pounds.  He has 8.5 sacks already and this number will go up.  The rest of the DL and linebackers are all supremely talented.  The secondary will again have a 1st round pick this year with Jeff Okudah who will be blanketing Riley Lees all night. 

Ok enough of the Ohio State bragging.  This team is great.  The Silver Bullets are back and the offense is awesome.  Northwestern is going to do the best they can to make this a game.  The grounds crew sent a picture measuring the grass at 9 inches in height.   A former player for the Buckeyes who is currently a BTN commentary mentioned that NU has used this ploy in the past and it was the highest grass he had played on in his entire career.  Can Northwestern slow down the Buckeyes to make this a game, that's the question.   Emotions will run high given the Friday night atmosphere.  The ‘Cats are wearing the grey, black, purple and yellow highlights with gothic letters in hopes of throwing off the Buckeyes (maybe Fields will get confused).  The completely new basketball team will be announced before the game and undergrads attending the game will receive an awesome looking sweatshirt.  All of this in hopes of outnumbering the Buckeye fans in the stands.  Well, the scarlet will be plentiful and points will be the same. 

Pick:  Let’s just hope Hunter does not die
  Ohio State 41, Northwestern 10 Uggh, give the points if you are a Buckeye fan (you know if gambling were legal)

Season to Date:
Straight up (3-2); Against the Spread (2-3)


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