Attendance History Expanded
to Include All of Central Street Era

HailToPurple has tried to maintain as accurate and complete a history of NU's football home sites as possible. Part of our research is the team's home attendance through the years. Until recently, our attendance research went back to 1920, covering a few years during the Northwestern Field period, and the entire Dyche Stadium / Ryan Field period.

We've now expanded our attendance research to cover the entire time that NU has played its home games on Central Street, beginning with the opening of Northwestern Field in 1905. This is as far back as we can accurately go: it would be impossible to get good information about attendance when NU played on Sheppard Field or, before that, Campus Meadow.

You can find the expanded annual info here: NU's average annual attendance.  And NU's list of sold-out games, also now includes all sold-out home games since the team moved its field to Central Street.