NU Signs '18 Recruiting Class

Northwestern has welcomed a new class of 18 scholarship recruits as part of signing day 2018, a class that includes 16 new 'Cats who signed their letters of intent back in December and two students who signed today.

This year the class leans to the offense, with 10 students on offense (plus 2 walk-ons, both on offense) and 8 on defense, balancing last year's defense-heavy recruiting class.

The 'Cats followed up last year's relatively light state representation by going heavy in the home state, recruiting seven players from Illinois, including one from Chicago itself.

The recruiting analyst crowd thinned a bit this year: has now folded into the CBS-247 group and no longer does independent recruiting analysis or rankings. Both of the remaining recruiting sites, Rivals and 247, rank NU's 2018 class 14th in the Big Ten and 59th in the nation, one of the lowest rankings for the Wildcats in the last two decades. This is despite the fact that CBS-247 gives every NU recruit at least three stars. If misery loves company, note that Stanford-- one of NU's key recruiting rivals-- ranked 70th nationally this year.

The following table shows the list of recruits who have committed to Northwestern.  The comments are compiled from material taken from and CBS's 247Sports

Recruiting is always a somewhat challenging topic for me to cover. I have no interest at all in college recruiting. Yet, I recognize that success in recruiting is critical to Northwestern's program.

For more detailed info and analysis, be sure to check out Lou V.'s reporting at Rivals and the work at CBS's 247 Sports.

RB Drake Anderson
Chandler, AZ
CBS 3-Star. Illinois, Nevada, and NM St. offered.
Wyatt Blake
Crystal Lake, IL
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 14 offers, incl. Boston Col., Duke, Indy, Minny, Mizzou, Vandy, and 'Cuse.
RB Isaiah Bowser Sidney, OH
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 10 offers, incl. Cincy, Harvard, Navy, and Yale.
DB A.J. Hampton
Warren, AR
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 10 offers, incl. Columbia, Neb., Penn.
Payne He'bert
Pearland, TX
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 6 offers, incl. K. St., Rice.
WR Jacob Jefferson Houston, TX
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. New Mexico, Rice offered.
LB Khalid Jones Greenville, SC
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 14 offers, incl. Duke, Indy, M'Land, Minny, Miss., NC St., TN, Wake, Wisky, and Yale.
SB Brian Kaiser Wilmette, IL
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 10 offers, incl. Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Princeton.
DE Andrew Leota Asheville, NC
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 9 offers, incl. Ark., Duke, NC, Purdue, R'gers, TN, VA Tech.
SB Charlie Mangieri
Peoria, IL
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. Indy, Miss., NIU offered.
LB Grayson Mann
Fort Worth, TX
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 10 offers, incl. Air Force, Harvard, Indy, Neb., Rice.
DB Jeremiah McDonald
Slidell, LA
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 8 offers, incl. Miss., Navy, Vandy.
DB Greg Newsome II Chicago, IL
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 23 offers, incl. Ark., Boston Col., Cornell, Harvard, Illinois, Iowa, Minny, Princeton, Purdue, R'gers, 'Cuse, Vandy, VA Tech, Yale.
DL Devin O'Rourke
Mokena, IL
Rivals and CBS 4-Star. 14 offers, incl. Illinois, Indy, Iowa, Minny, Neb. Notre Dame, PSU, Princeton, R'gers, Wisky.
LB Jaylen Rivers
Decatur, GA
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 21 offers, incl. L'ville, UMass, Miss., Navy, R'gers, 'Cuse, Yale.
OL Charlie Schmidt
Libertyville, IL
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 7 offers, incl. 'Cuse, Vandy.
OL Sam Stovall
Chattanooga, TN
CBS 3-Star. 14 offers, incl. App. St. and Tulane.
QB Jason Whittaker
Rockford, MI
Rivals and CBS 3-Star. 6 offers, incl. Indy.

In addition to the recruits listed above, NU announced the following walkon players:

  • Willy Boatman, OL
  • Raymond Niro III, WR